Build a Chatbot for your Business

Be everywhere where your customers are

  • Build a bot and integrate that into your App and website.
  • Make your bot available to social media channels such as messenger.
  • Build bots for your employees and integrate that with your HR system.

Let’s make your business interactive together

Build a real chatbot that can add value to your business. Make your business interactive and get close to your customer.

Chatbot for customer Support

Build a state of the art Chatbot to provide primary customer support and answer all repetitive questions even when you and your support team are on a vacation.

Chatbot for Lead Generation

New prospects are visiting your website everyday and they have many questions all the time. Build an interactive lead generation Bot to answer those questions and collect customer information quickly from your website and send it to your sales team and CRM.

Make your business conversational and available for 24 X 7

  • Reduce Customer support cost by 30%

  • 88% of customers look for self-services like Chatbot for Customer support

  • 32% of customers use FB for customer support

  • 69% of consumers prefer to use chatbots for the speed at which they can communicate with a brand.

We add Values

We just don't build chatbots, we build the new interface of your business both for customers and workers.


    Lower cost as compare to other US based companies ($80 - $120)


    Get a quote quickly and free. You’ll know exactly how long your Chatbot will take to build and what it’ll cost before you spend a penny


    Our developers and designers are quick, efficient, and highly skilled


    Customised, and built for your business only.


    Engage your customers everywhere.


    Let your customers speak with your business .

Your customer prefer texting

People prefer texting. Your business should be ready to handle the younger generation and millennials who always prefer texting instead of calling or dropping an offline message. Make your business more interactive and reachable with a live chatbot.

Use Cases

Customer Onboarding

A chatbot can answer questions and provide good information about your products or services to the visitors of your website to convert them from users to customers. Chatbot also can provide information on offers, news, updates, etc.

Internal communication

A chatbot can answer all of your employees' questions and process requests. Few examples are given below-

  • Send me last 3 months payslip
  • Apply for a leave on next Tuesday
  • I have problem with my system

Training guide

A chatbot can be trained on any subject or topic including any corporate training. The users or learners can ask training or subject related questions and get answers instantly.


Build a Digital Shopkeeper that can guide your customers on your e-commerce store to choose the right product and give them a smooth shopping experience. Your customers also can get information on delivery and cancellation policies.


Customers can book tickets, reserve hotel accommodation, get best travel deals, send feedback, raise complaints and do all other communication and requests through a chatbot.


Chatbot can remind the policy renewals, resolve queries, update user accounts, settle claims, and do all kinds of communication with customers

Food Tech

Instead of browning through your app, your customer can talk to a chatbot to order food, track order, ask policy related questions and do other communications.


A chatbot is very useful for patents to interact with hospitals. Few interaction instances are given below-

  • I want a doctor appointment.
  • When Dr. John is available today?
  • What is the cost of the knee replacement surgery?

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