SOP monitoring using Computer Vision AI and camera

  • Monitor each step in manufacturing processes using cameras and get alerts for each deviation.
  • Monitor machines and human operators
  • SOP monitoring for compliances
  • Discover unseen insights of your manufacturing processes.
SOP monitoring using camera and computer vision AI

Revolutionize Manufacturing with Intelgic's AI-Powered SOP Monitoring

Monitor each step of your processes using a camera and AI

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, maintaining consistent quality and efficiency is paramount. Intelgic's SOP Monitoring Solution leverages the power of Machine Vision AI to ensure strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), enhancing product quality, compliance, and overall productivity. Intelgic’s Machine Vision System connects with cameras and processes video streams in real time to send alerts for every deviation. Get a detailed report of each steps in your manufacturing process.

What is SOP Monitoring?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed instructions designed to achieve uniformity in the performance of specific functions. In manufacturing, adhering to SOPs is crucial to ensure that every product meets high-quality standards and regulatory requirements. SOP monitoring involves overseeing each step of the manufacturing process to ensure compliance with these procedures, minimizing deviations and defects.

What is SOP Monitoring

The Challenge of Manual SOP Monitoring

Traditional SOP monitoring methods rely heavily on manual inspection, which can be:

  • Time-Consuming: Manually inspecting every step in the manufacturing process is labor-intensive and slow.
  • Error-Prone: Human inspectors can miss defects or deviations, leading to inconsistencies and reduced product quality.
  • Impractical at Scale: As production volumes increase, manual monitoring becomes increasingly impractical and inefficient.
manual SOP monitoring in manufacturing is challenging. Its time consuming, error prone and not sclable.

Intelgic's Machine Vision AI Solution for SOP monitoring

Intelgic's SOP Monitoring System connects with cameras to process video streams using advanced AI algorithms to automate the SOP monitoring of manufacturing processes. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing camera systems, processing video streams in real time to ensure every step of your SOPs is followed meticulously.

Camera connects with computer vision AI model to analyze video streams in real time and generate alerts for any process deviation.

Key Features

SOP Features

Real-Time Analysis:

Our system processes video streams instantly, providing immediate feedback on SOP adherence and alerting you to any deviations as they occur.

SOP Features

Comprehensive Activity Monitoring:

Intelgic's solution monitors both machine and operator activities, ensuring that every action is in line with SOPs. This includes detecting specific tasks, verifying outcomes, and identifying any anomalies.

SOP Features

Outcome Verification:

Ensures that each step in the process achieves the intended result. Our AI algorithms compare real-time activities with expected outcomes, highlighting any discrepancies.

SOP Features

Anomaly Detection:

Advanced AI algorithms detect abnormalities and deviations from SOPs, allowing for quick corrective actions to prevent defects and maintain quality.

SOP Features

Detailed Reporting:

Generate comprehensive reports that document compliance, deviations, and corrective actions. Our detailed analytics provide insights that help you continuously improve your processes.

SOP Features

Alerts and Notifications:

Receive real-time alerts and notifications about SOP deviations, enabling prompt intervention and reducing the risk of quality issues.

Benefits of Intelgic's SOP Monitoring Solution

SOP Features
Enhanced Compliance:

Ensure strict adherence to SOPs, helping you meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

SOP Features
Increased Productivity:

Automate SOP monitoring to free up human resources, allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks.

SOP Features
Improved Quality:

Maintain high product quality by promptly addressing deviations and defects, reducing rework and waste.

SOP Features
Operational Efficiency:

Streamline your manufacturing processes with real-time monitoring and feedback, increasing overall efficiency.

SOP Features
Transparency and Accountability:

Gain clear visibility into your manufacturing processes with detailed reports and real-time monitoring, promoting accountability and continuous improvement.

How It Works

SOP works

1. Integration

Intelgic's machine Vision System connects with IP cameras, installed in strategic locations within your manufacturing facilities.

SOP works

2. Setup

We customize AI algorithms to align with your specific SOPs. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up and customize monitoring parameters.

SOP works

3. Monitoring

Once set up, the system continuously monitors all activities, comparing them against the predefined SOPs.

SOP works

4. Feedback

Receive immediate feedback and alerts for any deviations, ensuring quick corrective actions.

SOP works

5. Reporting

Access detailed reports that provide insights into process performance, compliance levels, and areas for improvement.

Why Choose Intelgic?

Expertise and Innovation:

At Intelgic, we combine deep industry expertise with cutting-edge AI technology to deliver solutions that drive real results.


Our platform scales with your business, providing consistent quality control whether you're producing hundreds or millions of units.

Customer Support:

We offer comprehensive support to ensure you get the most out of our SOP monitoring solution, from initial setup to ongoing optimization.

Intelgic’s AI driven SOP monitoring is innovative, scalable and out of the box solution.

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