Detect, track and count objects, products, packages, humans using vision AI

  • Detect and Count any objects with 100% accuracy
  • Detect product defects & automate visual inspection
  • Get customized reports
  • Get alerts on object detection
  • Designed for manufacturing and supply chain industry
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Object detection, tracking and counting using AI

Vision AI counts products, small objects, pallets, treys and everything that you need to count within your manufacturing unit or supply chain warehouses. The AI uses cameras to count objects with 100% accuracy.

AI efficiently detects defects, foreign objects and anything that you want to detect and automates time consuming visual inspection processes within your production line.

We have a pre-trained AI model integrated with our Vision AEye system that detects many objects from multiple live video streams from surveillance cameras. If you have any specific object, such as products to be detected, we train our neural network with the images of that object and provide a customized solution. Deploy Vision AEye system either on-premises or cloud server and get reports and alerts.


  • Analyze multiple live video stream concurrently
  • Multiple object detection on a single image
  • Monitor object movement, speed in a video stream.
  • Customized reporting on cloud.
  • Count objects such as products, kits, packages, medicines, packets within your manufacturing unit with 100% accuracy.
  • Detect shapes and sizes of of your products or objects.
  • 100% data security and privacy protection.
Vision AI Features

Transform your factories, warehouse and other business areas using Vision AI

Object counting

The Vision AI system can detect and count any objects and generate reports.

  • Detect and Count products, packages, kits, workers and other objects.
  • Count number of incoming and outgoing vehicle in a parking area
  • Count the number of incoming and outgoing people in an entry and exit gate.
  • Count number of products in loading and despatching areas
  • Count the number of bags or luggages.
  • Count live stocks with 100% accuracy

Small object detection and counting

To detect and count small to very small objects, we need to employ out-of-the-box methods and algorithms. Traditional algorithms and AI may not work effectively for small object detection and counting. AI can also become confused when there are many small objects in a single image. In such cases, we use customized algorithms to achieve high accuracy in counting. Sometimes, we enlarge images using generative AI, and other times we use keypoint annotation among other customized methods and approaches to solve this problem.

No matter how small your objects are or how complex your use case is, we can provide you with high accuracy.

Small object detection

Label and sticker detection and reading

Our cutting-edge AI technology has sophisticated solutions for label and sticker detection on boxes. The AI can read QR codes and barcodes on labels, ensuring seamless inventory and supply chain management. For instances requiring text extraction from labels, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities step in to accurately decipher the information.

To ensure high accuracy, we require high-quality images and continuous AI training. This AI technology is particularly beneficial for sectors like manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

Label and sticker detection

Product defect detection and reporting

Our Vision AI platform revolutionizes quality control and visual inspection processes with its advanced product defect detection capabilities. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI algorithms observes images/videos coming from surveillance cameras and spot defects, ensuring that only items meeting the highest standards reach the market.

The AI can monitor and inspect small to large products, parts, machines etc. and identify irregularities and defects in the production line. The AI can be trained with your specific products and customized for your production line. We need high quality images and a stable camera for defect detection.

Safeguard your brand's reputation by ensuring that every product is of impeccable quality using AI

Product defect detection

Abandoned object detection

In a public area such as airports, railway stations, bus stops, identify the abandoned bags and luggages and get alert if the object is not attendant for a while. Our algorithm tracks and monitors objects in frames of a live video stream before generating alerts.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection

According to wikipedia, Internationally, FOD costs the aviation industry US$13 billion per year in direct plus indirect costs. We have a powerful AI model and algorithm that detects FOD efficiently and generates alerts. The system analyzes video streams from high quality video streams and spots unattended objects at a distance.

Weapon detection

Our algorithm can detect various weapons including guns, knives, rifles and other weapons carried by humans within the surveillance area. Connect your high-quality cameras and start getting alerts when someone is carrying or holding weapons.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) monitoring

It's crucial for many workplaces to use personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure the safety of their workers. However, when these PPEs aren't worn correctly or missing, it can result in overlooked safety violations, potential injuries, and even fatalities. Vision A Eye is integrated with a pre-trained AI model and algorithms that monitor workers constantly and generate alerts when it finds any discrepancies or expectations.

Garbage detection

Detect unwanted objects and garbage inside and outside of a building within the surveillance area using AI. Our pre-trained AI model can detect garbases and send alerts to concerned persons or right departments on a real time basis.

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