Document AI & RPA platform

Extract data from invoices, receipts and scanned documents and automate workflow with RPA.

Invoice and receipt data extraction API Ready invoice and receipts data extraction API for AP automation

Process documents with Document AI and automate workflow with RPA .

Simplicity, accuracy and flexibility are our key focus. All of our tools are designed for citizen developers and programmers and built by developers, AI researchers and functional experts.

API for Invoices and receipts data extraction

Capture actionable data from invoices, receipt with our readily available AI model through API. Our document AI technology can process any unstructured documents Contact us for other documents processing.

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Process bot, Intelgic RPA platform

Design and develop powerful bots to automate repetitive, rule-based and mundane tasks with the Intelgic RPA platform.

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Start your digital transformation journey with our experts and consultants. Our team can guide you in every step of your digital transformation journey. Contact our digital transformation consultants for any questions.

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AP automation and Invoice data extraction
Automate repetitive and mundane task with RPA tool

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