A cutting-edge Machine Vision AI platform for Manufacturing, logistics and supply chain.

  • Product defect detection, counting, QA inspection and industrial AI
  • Object and event detection, real time monitoring for surveillance.
  • Customized computer vision AI solution for video content analysis.

Machine Vision System

Defect detection, product counting and visual inspection.

Intelgic’s Vision AI detects product defects, such as scratches, hairline defects, dents, cracks, foreign objects, labeling errors or inconsistencies in products, with greater accuracy and speed than human inspectors

Use Intelgic's AI for Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM) by enabling precise dimension measurements of products, components, and parts without operator intervention.

Vision AI counts products, cartoons, packages, kits, assets in factories, warehouses and within on/off-loading areas using IP cameras with 100% accuracy.

Unlike traditional machine vision systems, our solution requires only a camera and AI algorithms. A simple setup, affordability, scalability, and reliability, marking it as a revolutionary technology in the visual inspection field.

Integrate your existing system and get notification and reports in real-time.

Defect detection and visual inspection

Catch Defects on Anything You Make

Intelgic's AI-driven Machine Vision System excels in identifying defects across a wide array of manufacturing industries and products. Whether it's electronics, pharmaceuticals, plastics, flooring, printing materials, or metal fabrication, our AI-driven system seamlessly adjusts to various product types. Guarantee superior quality control throughout your production line with our versatile machine vision technology.

Catch Defects

Microscopic Defects? Our Vision System can detect it!

In industries such as electronics, plastic products, minuscule defects that typically require microscopic inspection are commonplace. Intelgic's AI transcends human capabilities. Our system is adept at detecting these tiny imperfections, guaranteeing top-quality standards for your products down to the finest detail.

Microscopic Defects

Need to count products or tiny objects? Our system has it covered!

Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, our technology precisely counts products and small items with remarkable accuracy. In industries such as pharmaceuticals, where accurate vial counting is crucial, our AI excels, ensuring highly precise counts every time. This capability supports critical inventory and quality control processes, enhancing operational efficiency across various sectors.

count products or tiny objects

Video content analysis (VCA) solutions

Manually overseeing hundreds of cameras on expansive properties like universities is nearly impossible.

Manually monitoring hundreds of cameras in large campuses such as universities is practically impossible. Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Vision AEye provides real-time object and event detection such as gun detection, violence and loitering detection and other suspicious activity detection. Utilizing ready-to-use AI algorithms, Vision AEye provides real-time surveillance and monitoring solutions for various business premises, such as manufacturing units, universities, schools, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, and other establishments.

Use your existing infrastructure such as IP cameras and servers to process thousands of video streams and get alerts along with the video clip in real time. Store the video clips that are relevant for your premises.

Revolutionizing Surveillance

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