Vision AEye: A cutting-edge AI platform for video content analysis(VCA)

Transforming dumb IP cameras into smarter surveillance system using Artificial Intelligence

Vision AEye: Revolutionizing Surveillance and Monitoring with AI

Powered by state-of-the-art AI algorithms, Vision AEye provides real-time object and event detection, enabling users to gain unprecedented insights from their video surveillance footage. Utilizing ready-to-use AI algorithms, Vision AEye provides real-time surveillance and monitoring solutions for various business premises, such as manufacturing units, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, and other establishments.

Vision AEye Optimize operations

Optimize operations and efficiency:

Detect, track and count products, cartoons, packages, assets in factories, warehouses, on/off-loading areas etc. Detect defective products, machinery in the production line and automate quality monitoring. Detect and count humans, animals and other objects with 100% accuracy and get reports in real-time.

Vision AEye security and safety

Enhance security and safety:

Detect suspicious activities, such as loitering, vandalism, and fights, in real time, allowing for immediate intervention. Protect your retail shops, factories and other properties from unauthorized entries during off-hour

Vision AEye crowd manage

Manage crowd in events, Track worker’s behavior in real time:

Track number of people, vehicle, male/female in a large gathering or public event. Detect suspicious activities, crowd density and many more with AI monitoring. Find a worker in a large factory with face recognition. Track worker’s behavior for security compliances and productivity.

Vision AEye prevent theft

Reduce losses and prevent theft:

Detect abandoned bags, unauthorized access, and potential theft attempts, minimizing losses and protecting valuable assets.

Industry use cases

vision ai manufacturing


  • Product tracking, counting & report generation.
  • Early fire and smoke detection
  • Defect detection and product movement monitoring
  • Factory gate monitoring: Vehicle tracking, counting & license place reading.
  • Package counting during off/on-loading.
  • PPE: Worker safety detection monitoring.
  • Workers movements and productivity monitoring
vision ai public places


  • Early fire & smoke detection
  • Abandoned bag detection
  • Long queue detection & counting
  • Fighting & vandalism detection
  • Restricted place monitoring
  • Parking area monitoring
  • Incoming and outgoing vehicle counting, license plate reading
vision ai supply chain


  • Off/On-load package and product counting
  • Vehicle tracking, counting, license place reading, report generation
  • Warehouse monitoring
vision ai  retail and shopping malls

Retail & Shopping Malls

  • Incoming & outgoing customer counting & realtime footprint reporting.
  • Queue monitoring and head count reporting.
  • Parking area monitoring.
  • Early fire and smoke detection
  • Incoming and outgoing vehicle counting, license plate reading.
  • Stock monitoring.
  • Product identification & counting.
vision ai  agriculture


  • Livestock monitoring and counting
  • Animal health monitoring
  • Fire detection
vision ai Warehouse monitoring

Warehouse monitoring

  • Product, package & stock monitoring and counting
  • Incoming and outgoing stock counting
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Worker monitoring
  • Gate monitoring: Vehicle counting and license plate reading

Real-time Alerts through our mobile app.

Receive immediate alerts on any anomalies or suspicious activities in real-time along with a short video clip. The video clip identifies and pinpoints events as they occur, enabling instant investigation and swift action.

From manual to AI monitoring

Gone are the days when sifting through hours of monotonous footage was the norm. Vision AEye unlocks the full potential of AI for next-generation video surveillance, offering a comprehensive suite of features:

Detect incidents that matters to you

Tell us about the incidents you want to detect in your workplace, factories, warehouses etc. We will train our AI platform and build customized AI algorithms to detect the incidents that matter to you.

AI surveillance

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