See how a bot interacts with drivers giving complete visibility to the Logistics Control Tower, saving time & money



  • Logistics department of a renowned manufacturing company wanted to ease both inbound and outbound driver calling process so that the issues can be handled on time and effectively.
  • The driver's responses should be saved in a single system for further analysis.


  • Cannot log and validate the driver or transporters' responses sent or received over the phone or email
  • Some transporter personnel do not speak English and avoid answering agent calls.
  • There is no integration between multiple tools
  • Cannot eliminate false alerts.


  • Automate the transporter or customer interactions where bots will make/receive calls interacting with them in local languages after the assessment made from the central logistics control tower
  • The interactions get captured with the relevant information such as the calling and issue details and the corrective actions performed by them based on individual SLAs and escalation matrix.

Instead of 30 agents per plant, now the customer involved only 5 people to handle some critical issues. Freed employees are focusing on strategic tasks now

99% reduction in errors, 80% cost savings, 75% time savings

No need to switch between/manage multiple tools and systems. Real time interaction and issue resolution


RPA bots integrated with IVR analyzing multi-modal shipments

Multilingual IVR-RPA based system that will communicate and capture real time information during transits & process them based on predefined rules.


Data Scientist

As we are gathering data with bots, virtual analyst is also suggested who cleans and manages terabytes of data to generate meaningful analytics for decision making.


Reports, Statistics and Notifications

A separate dashboard is provided that helps analyze gathered information based on alert types, answered/not answered calls, transporters, etc. appropriate notification via SMS and Email is sent to the concerned stakeholders.


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