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RPA use cases in HR

HR processes that should be automated using RPA and AI

Almost each HR process has some manual and repetitive tasks that can either be partially or fully automated. Let's take a look at some of the high AQ (Automation Quotient) processes that should be automated.

RPA in hiring


For companies who hire a large number of employees who need frequent or rapid hiring, it is advisable to use RPA and AI for efficiency, accuracy and fast turnaround.

AI bot can parse all incoming resumes from inboxes and classify them based on skills, opening, needs etc. We can have one RPA bot that can schedule an interview with the candidate and interviewer automatically through IVR or chat or email.


Starting from document verification to candidate’s background verification to onboarding formalities, all can be automated using RPA and AI bots.

employee onboarding using rpa
rpa for repetitive HR tasks

HR daily operations

Other tasks such as sending offers or other letters, leave approvals, answering FAQ from employees can easily be automated through AI and RPA.

HRMS handling, data entry and administrative tasks

On many occasions, HR needs to do data entry to the HRMS or perform some rule based sequences to the HRMS. We can deploy bots for all such type of rule based tasks and save significant time of HR so that they can focus on other valuable areas.

data entry automation with RPA

Add values to your HR

Benefit of RPA in HR

Today HR roles are not just hiring and maintaining data into HRMS. Their role is much bigger, wider and allied with the company's overall growth. As the HR architecture becomes more sophisticated, the market value per employee increases. Today’s HR should focus on internal branding of the company that helps attract new talents and lower down the attrition rate. HR should also focus on talent nurturing, training and solving problems that a system or a rule or a bot can’t do.

The idea is to have bots and AI to handle all the non value added tasks and make HRs free for the value added tasks that robots cannot do.

benefits of rpa in hr

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