Intelgic Story

We build technologies for human

Our tools and technologies are designed to enhance human capabilities and make our life better and smarter.

We are a team of human working for human

We have started our journey in 2019 with a mission to democratize high-end technologies such as AI and make them accessible to everyone. Technology has tremendous power to give us the freedom to do more and more relevant things.

We love what we do

Our team is balanced with highly skilled developers, tech geeks, experienced functional experts and industry veterans and thinkers. We all are aligned, dedicated and focused.

We make business future ready

“It’s not the strongest of of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change” - Charles Darwin

All of our platforms and tools are designed to make the future version of your business.

Our Strength

Our biggest strength is our thought process and ability to execute it in real world situations. We learn from everyone and every experience. Our strong principles always guide us to take the right decisions at the right time. We are teachies and bringing technology for the common people.


We do continuous innovation to be responsive to changes and stay relevant to our customers.

Human first

We think about the values that we add to people’s lives before we start a task. Our work is value driven and not effort driven.


We understand our customers and are dedicated to solving their problems.


We love to transform complex things to simple and understandable and accessible to everyone.

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