We build technologies for humans

Our tools and technologies are designed to enhance human capabilities and make our life better and smarter.

about Intelgic

We are a team of humans working for humans

We have started our journey in 2019 with the mission of democratizing high-end technologies like AI and making them accessible to everyone. We believe that technology has tremendous power to give us the freedom to accomplish more tasks, and tasks that are more relevant.

We do what we love

Our team is balanced with highly skilled developers, tech geeks, experienced functional experts, industry veterans, and thinkers. We are all aligned, dedicated, and focused.

We make business future-ready

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change” - Charles Darwin

All of our platforms and tools are designed to transform your business for future success.

what intelgic does

Our Strength

Our biggest strength is our thought process and our ability to execute it in real-world situations. We learn from everyone and every experience. Our strong principles always guide us in making the right decisions at the right time. We are techies, bringing technology to the common people.


We continuously innovate to stay responsive to changes and remain relevant to our customers.

Human first

We think about the values that we add to people’s lives before we start a task. Our work is value driven and not effort driven.


We understand our customers and are dedicated to solving their problems.


We love making complex things simple, understandable, and accessible to everyone.

Meet our team

team Russel Thronton


“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”
Russell is an exceptional leader, providing and delivering strategic and operational leadership to meet the technology needs of the organization. He understands the dynamics of building, planning and supporting the growth of the organization from startup to full operational capacity. He serves as an executive member of the leadership team, collaborating with other IT and Operations colleagues, to instantiate and deliver technology initiatives that successfully deliver organization objectives. Working with business partners he is responsible for aligning business processes and technology solutions, delivering successful technology projects and applying lessons learned to further efforts.

team Soumen Das

Founder & Product Head

Soumen is a technologist with over two decades of expertise in the fields of product design, development, strategy formulation, and solution architecture across various industry verticals. As the Founder and Product Head of his venture, Soumen brings innovative ideas, a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. He loves to solve problems, and he has extensive experience doing it. This has given him the knowledge and skills to create new solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of various industries.

team Lindsey Nichols

VP in Operations

Lindsey is a results-oriented and visionary Vice President of Operations with excellent leadership and problem solving skills. With a passion for operational excellence, She leads cross-functional teams to optimize processes, streamline workflows, and enhance profitability. Her expertise spans strategic leadership, operational efficiency, team empowerment, supply chain management, change management, and financial acumen. She excels in developing and executing strategic initiatives that align operations with organizational goals and drive sustainable growth.

team Shub Basu

Business Development Head

Accomplished product leader with 20+ years of experience solving problems using innovative technology, data, and machine and human intelligence to build successful products and global businesses. Founder of two technology start-ups, and with experience working at market-leading corporations, I combine my hard-earned business acumen with technical expertise to identify, invent, and launch game-changing products.
Over the years, Shub has defined, built, launched and managed product and business life cycles for leading edge semiconductor technologies, software platforms (SAAS, AI/ML) and IoT system level products for B2B and B2C markets. Leading and managing cross-functional global teams while stitching product strategy (hardware and software) with business strategy, building strategic partnership, and winning customer trust have been the most rewarding experiences in his journey

team Ryan Abney

Senior Project Manager

With a proven track record of successfully managing complex software development and digital transformation projects, Ryan is a dedicated and results-driven Project Manager at Intelgic. He is passionate about harnessing the power of technology to drive innovation and solve real-world problems. Ryan is an excellent communicator. his remarkable ability to listen to customers, grasp their unique problem statements, and expertly document them for the technology teams he collaborates with. His keen insights and meticulous documentation play a pivotal role in ensuring that customer needs are not only met but exceeded.

team Michael Peters

Senior Project Manager

Michael is a forward-thinking Project Manager with a deep knowledge and understanding for spearheading digital transformation and automation initiatives that empower organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With expertise in crafting and executing digital strategies, he has successfully led projects that increased revenue, reduced costs, and elevated customer satisfaction. My ability to identify automation opportunities and implement robotic process automation (RPA) has resulted in streamlined workflows and enhanced productivity. His projects are anchored in robust governance frameworks, ensuring on-time, on-budget deliveries. He is also skilled in fostering collaboration among diverse teams and guiding cultural shifts towards innovation and digital readiness. My data-driven approach leverages analytics to make informed decisions and drive data-centric strategies.

team Marcella D’Angelo

Account Manager

Marcella is a seasoned Account Manager with a wealth of experience that spans the realms of customer support, corporate relationship cultivation, team leadership, and seamless coordination. With her extensive background in these critical areas, she has become a driving force in delivering exceptional customer experiences and fostering strong business relationships.

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