Machine Vision System for the Metal, Steel, machineries and parts.

  •   Defect detection in metal and steel products, metal sheets, parts and other machines
  •   Dimension measurement for all type of products
  •   Count products, parts and components.
  •   Microscopic defect detection

State of Art AI for defect detection and dimension measurement

In the metal, steel, and machinery industries, even the smallest imperfections can lead to significant consequences, including structural failures or costly recalls. Intelgic’s Machine Vision System is designed to identify a comprehensive range of defects with unparalleled accuracy. Our system leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to achieve unmatched defect detection capabilities.

State of Art AI for defect detection

Comprehensive Visual Inspection for All metal products

Our intelligent AI algorithms perform comprehensive visual inspections on all your metal products, automatically detecting defects like cracks, dimension variations, and surface flaws. This ensures consistent quality, eliminates human error, and streamlines your production process.

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Assembly Issues:

Misaligned components, missing parts, incorrect part placement.

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Casting Defects:

Flashing (excess material), surface roughness, shrinkage cavities, cold shuts (improper fusion).

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Machining Defects:

Tool chatter marks, dimensional inaccuracies, incomplete machining.

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Fastener Issues:

Loose or missing fasteners, incorrect fastener type or size.

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Welding Defects:

Spatter, undercut, porosity, lack of fusion, improper weld bead geometry.

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Rust, pitting, discoloration.

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Wear and Tear:

Excessive wear on bearings, gears, or cutting surfaces.

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Cracks and Breakage:

Stress cracks, fatigue cracks, fractures.

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Foreign objects lodged in parts, oil leaks, dust or debris.

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Printing Imperfections:

Smudged or blurry printing, missing or incomplete markings.

Metal Products:

  • Cracks, splits, tears
  • Inclusions, blowholes, porosity
  • Dimensional inconsistencies
  • Surface imperfections (scratches, dents, discoloration)
  • Improper welds (lack of fusion, incomplete penetration)

Steel Sheets:

  • Edge cracks, burr
  • Twisting, bowing, cambering
  • Surface contamination
  • Pinholes, uneven thicknes

Why AI-Driven Vision System Over Traditional Machine Vision

Intelgic’s Machine Vision System represents a significant advancement over traditional machine vision technologies:
  • Cost-Effective: Unlike cumbersome and expensive traditional systems, Intelgic's solution requires only a simple camera setup, dramatically reducing initial costs and maintenance. It is 4x to 10x less expensive than the traditional system.
  • Scalable and Flexible: Our system is built to grow with your business. It can easily adapt to new production lines or changes in product types without extensive reconfiguration, offering true scalability. Just add new cameras and the same algorithm will start working on the defect detection.
  • Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use: With an easy setup and user-friendly interface, our system can be quickly integrated into your existing operations, minimizing downtime and training requirements.
  • Enhanced Precision and Reliability: Leveraging state-of-the-art AI, our system delivers superior accuracy in defect detection, ensuring consistent quality and reducing waste.
AI-Driven Vision System

Transform Your Quality Control with Intelgic

Upgrade your metal, steel, or machinery production with Intelgic's Machine Vision System and ensure every product adheres to the highest quality standards. Our AI-driven solution not only detects a wide array of defects efficiently but also provides actionable insights that can help optimize your manufacturing processes.

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