Vision AEye is a complete AI platform for developing, deploying and running industrial computer vision AI applications

Develop and run industrial AI applications for defect detection, object counting, incident detection and automate complex manufacturing processes using AI

Vision AEye: An AI platform for Industrial AI

Traditional industrial automation involves installation of complex machinery, allocation of large rooms or space, significant investments, logistics and getting involved in an extensive transformation process. However, AI has addressed these challenges head-on. There are many manufacturing, logistics and supply chain processes can be automated, transformed to achieve higher accuracy, greater throughput and increased efficiency using Vision AI

Vision AEye platform is designed to implement and launch industrial AI within manufacturing and other industries without any hassle. AI can automate many processes including product counting, object recognition, object detection, defect detection and anything that a human eye can detect and do. Know more..

Vision AEye platform: how it works

Vision AI is mainly used for visual inspection, monitoring, and analysis. It analyzes live video streams or images using advanced AI algorithms to get insights and data from videos and images.

Install IP cameras in the strategic location including production lines, assembly lines, on/off-loading areas and then connect them with our Vision AEye platform using RTSP URLs. We can design and develop an AI algorithm based on your specific use case and make it ready to process video streams coming from cameras within your manufacturing facilities.

We can set up and install the Vision AEye platform either on an on-prem or on a cloud server based on your requirements, specifications or guidelines. If you do not have cameras installed, get high resolution cameras based on your use case. The camera specifications may vary from use case to use case. Please Contact us for any guidance or help.

 how it works Vision AEye

Choosing the Right Setup

On-Premises Installation: This option is suitable for organizations with significant concerns about image and video data security and who prefer to have full control over their hardware and systems. An on-prem setup is also a cost effective solution than the cloud. If you are dealing with thousands of cameras and have limited budget, use our Vision AEye On-prem deploy and run your industrial Vision AI applications.

Cloud-Based Installation: For those looking for scalability, ease of access, and reduced maintenance, a cloud server is ideal. You can still access and manage the Vision AEye platform remotely.

Choosing the Right Setup

Camera Installation

Strategic Placement: Cameras should be installed at strategic locations within the facility to ensure comprehensive coverage. This may include critical production lines, assembly lines, inspection locations, counting stations, off/On-loading areas, storage areas, entry and exit points, and other locations where you need the monitoring.

High-Resolution Cameras and lighting conditions: The effectiveness and accuracy of the Vision AI application significantly depends on the quality of the video feed. It's essential to equip the facility with high-resolution cameras and adequate lights that are capable of capturing detailed images and videos, necessary for accurate analysis by the AI algorithms. The specifications of these cameras can vary based on the specific use case. Please tell us about your use case.

We use high tech image processing techniques and algorithms for images/videos Pre-processing. With the preprocessing we increase resolution of images, recolor different objects, increase the gap between different objects within an image and many other things to achieve high accuracy in detection and counting.

Camera Installation

Customized AI solution for manufacturing

For manufacturing, we may need to train our AI with the defects that you want to detect or products or objects that you want to count or the labels that you need to validate. In such cases, we develop a solution that is tailored fit to your requirements. The development process includes image data collection, pre-processing of images, training the AI model, feedback loop and finetuning of the AI, post processing of the model output and designing of an AI algorithm and finally deployment of the solution using the Vision AEye platform.

Customized AI solution

Ready to use AI with the Vision AEye platform for campuses

The Vision AEye comes with some pre-trained AI algorithms for some common event detection. Common events such as violence detection, loitering detection, Gun detection, Fire and smoke detection, Crowd analysis etc. In university or college or school campuses where manual monitoring of such events is practically impossible because of the large number of camera set ups, Vision AEye platform is the ideal. You can simply connect your cameras to the Vision AEye platform and transform your passive surveillance system to an AI-driven proactive system

Vision AEye platform for campuses
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