Vision AI for Manufacturing

Transforming Manufacturing processes with Vision AI

Automate Product defect detection, visual inspection, product counting, PPE detection, foreign object detection and product tracking using Computer Vision AI.

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Product defect detection through visual inspection using vision AI

Detect anomalies and defects within your products by automating the visual inspection process using Vision AI technology. Visual inspection is implemented in various manufacturing industries including pharmaceuticals, electronics, building materials, electricals, automotive, food production and others where quality control is a primary focus.

Product defect detectio
  • Surface defect detection
  • Detect scratches, dents, cracks, dirts and many more
  • Detect color coding, capping errors, packaging errors etc.
  • Detect foreign objects, change in color, burning areas, smoke etc. in the food production.
  • Detect labeling errors, read labels, bar code, QR code and verify information.
  • Integrate Intelgic’s Vision AI to your existing system.

Precision Counting & Tracking

Count products, kits, packages, raw materials and other objects in your production line, assembly line and despatch area during on/off-loading with very high accuracy. Count small to very small objects such as injection vials in real-time with high accuracy and eliminate human errors, increase efficiency and transparency within your processes.

  • Vision AI accurately counts products, kits, components, parts in real-time.
  • Small to very small object counting
  • Read labels and verify information. Update ERP with counting numbers.
  • Vision AI assists in maintaining precise inventory levels and prevents overstocking or shortages.
  • Vision AI processes images rapidly, facilitating high-speed counting and tracking.
  • Automation through Vision AI improves production efficiency, transparency and throughput.
Precision Counting & Tracking

Predictive Maintenance using Industrial Vision AI

Downtime results in Fortune Global 500 companies losing 11% of their annual revenue, amounting to nearly $1.5 trillion. AI algorithms can process video streams and sensor data in real time to forecast equipment malfunctions and maintenance requirements with remarkable precision.

Such predictive insights not only minimize downtime but also extend the life of machinery, leading to substantial savings and improved operational efficiency. Various industries, ranging from manufacturing to energy, are tapping into these predictive maintenance to proactively tackle potential problems, thereby reducing the likelihood of expensive disruptions.

Product detection and tracking

Vision AI can accurately detect and count a specific product in the assembly line and during shipment. The AI system also can be integrated with your existing ERP to verify the Purchase Order and ensure the right products are being shipped. This kind of AI system minimizes the costly recall and re-shipment while optimizing the customer satisfaction.

Label Detection, Reading, and Validation

A well trained AI system is capable of detecting, interpreting, and confirming the accuracy of product labels, which is vital for maintaining packaging precision and adhering to regulatory standards. This functionality is especially important in industries like pharmaceuticals and food processing, where strict labeling protocols must be followed.

Label Detection

Foreign object detection

Foreign object detection in production lines is a critical aspect of manufacturing, ensuring product safety and quality while minimizing the risk of costly recalls and reputational damage. With the integration of advanced Vision AI technology, manufacturers now possess the capability to identify and remove foreign objects from production lines with unparalleled precision and speed. This technology utilizes high-resolution cameras combined with sophisticated algorithms to scan products in real time, detecting anomalies that deviate from the norm, such as metal fragments, plastic pieces, or other unintended materials.

Real-time Safety and Productivity Monitoring

Utilizing Vision AI for real-time safety and productivity monitoring ensures a safer work environment, compliances maintenance, minimizing disruptions, and optimized manufacturing processes for increased efficiency, sustainability and throughput.

  • Real time PPE detection and monitoring.
  • Vision AI provides continuous monitoring of manufacturing environments in real-time.
  • AI algorithms identify unusual events, hazards, or safety violations as they occur.
  • AI enables off-site monitoring of multiple production locations simultaneously.
  • Vision AI-generated data guides management decisions to improve safety and productivity.
  • Improved productivity and resource optimization contribute to sustainable manufacturing practices.

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