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Invoice data extraction OCR software and AP workflow automation

Reduce invoice processing cost by 60% to 80% with powerful invoice data extraction technology and process invoices faster than ever. Automate all the manual data entry processes.


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Your invoices will be sent to the AI model and will do the invoice data extraction.

3 steps

Upload invoices in any form such as jpg, jpeg or PDF

A pre-trained AI model will extract invoice data.

Download the data in JSON or CSV format

Quick onboarding

Login to Intelgic and from dashboard, launch our Document AI portal to manage all of your invoices
Line items

Document AI platform

This platform allows you to parse documents such as invoices, receipts etc. and manage them on a dashboard. From setting up the source of documents such as email or API, to verifying the parsed data to exporting them via webhook or JSON, you can do it all from this document AI platform.

Visit Document AI platform

Accounts Payable (AP) automation platform

Control and manage invoices journey within Intelgic’s invoice management system. Integrate the platform with your existing ERP or accounting system. Setup your own AP workflow with our AP automation platform

Invoice automation API

Integrate our Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) AI model for invoices with your existing ERP or any other accounting system via REST API.


Constant learning - almost 99% accuracy

Intelgic’s Invoice parsing AI captures all the exceptions and learns from all the corrections. The AI model gets trained with the new datasets collected during the corrections. Over the time, the AI improves its accuracy and brings it to almost 99% perfection level.

If any of your document is not giving the expected accuracy, please contact us for the customized algorithm

Onboarding in 1 hour

Our AP automation platform is ready to use and connected with our invoice processing AI model. Just register and start processing invoices instantly.

Our invoice processing AI model is already trained with a large dataset and we have ready APIs with rich documentation. You can integrate the API with your existing system quickly.

Get The API

Works with any document type

Our AI model works with PDF, Scanned images and tilled images. If you have any other document type, we can integrate that for you.


Data security and compliance

Intelgic only stores the data that are needed for improving the AI model for contact learning. After training and tuning the algorithm, we delete all the data. We store minimum user information just for billing and accounting purposes. We store all your data in a highly secured cloud server, keeping in full compliance with international guidelines.

Technology behind it

Intelgic is using cutting edge technologies such as Deep learning, NLP (natural language processing) and computer vision in the algorithm. We are also doing preprocessing and post processing to achieve higher accuracy.


A pre-trained invoice processing AI model

Access to the document AI platform

Access to the invoice processing OCR API and webhook connection facility to your accounting system.

Intelgic developed its invoice processing automation platform with full flexibility in mind.

Invoice processing OCR API : This is a set of APIs designed for developers and businesses who want to integrate the invoice processing AI model into their AP system or ERP. With the API developers can send invoices and get the parsed data in JSON and XML format.

Document AI platform: When a company or a user registers with Intelgic, the user will get the access to the document AI dashboard where the user can process and manage invoices and other documents. After login, please go to the website dashboard at the top right corner of the website and from there launch the document AI platform.

End-to-end AP automation platform: This is a web-based application to monitor and manage the journey of each invoice available on document AI dashboard starting from sourcing invoices to capturing invoice data to human validation to payment approval. This platform is already integrated with our invoice processing AI model. This platform also provides a set of APIs for easy integration with your existing ERP or accounting system.

There is no change for the document AI platform. It comes free with the subscription.

There are no additional subscription fees for the AP automation platform as of now. It comes free with the subscription. However if you need a customized solution based on your specific business needs, there could be additional cost for the customization. Please contact our support team.

Yes! We are fully flexible and we can customize our solution based on your business requirements. There will be extra cost for the customization.

Yes you can deploy the entire solution on your on-premise server. Our on-premises solution comes with unlimited invoice processing without any restriction whatsoever. We will send you the server specification for the deployment. Please contact us for the pricing and other details.

Yes! It can. If it makes any mistakes, you can correct those errors within the platform and the system captures all the corrections and learns from it. Over the time the accuracy increases to almost 100%.

We may have to do some pre-processing and/or post-processing. Please contact us for the additional support for such cases.

There is no hidden cost whatsoever. We believe in transparency and our cost structure, policies are displayed on our website in a transparent manner.

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