RPA in finance

Finance process automation with RPA and AI

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RPA in finance
RPA use cases in finance

Automate your finance with RPA, AI and OCR

Most of the accounting processes have manual and repetitive tasks that are slow, inefficient and mundane. Intelgic has automation solution for every accounting process.

For end-to-end automation, we need multiple technologies and tools working together seamlessly. For all kinds of repetitive and mundane tasks, we would need RPA; similarly to automate decision making and document capturing, AI is needed. Intelgic is a one stop shop for end-to-end automation.

Integrate with your existing systems

Intelgic RPA can be integrated with any ERP or accounting system.

Integrate with API

Integrate Desktop ERP

Integrate with UI Web automation with Integic RPA

RPA integration with finance

Account receivable automation


Automate almost every task in AR processes through RPA bots and save a lot of time and tons of money. AR bots also give 100% accuracy.

Account Payable automation


RPA and AI can automate 80% to 90% of invoice processing work and save 40% to 55% on their invoice processing costs.

Account Reconciliation Automation

Account Reconciliation is the most tedious and time consuming task for any account department. Survey says that more than 90% time get consumed only for the transactions that are already matched and valid.

Benefit for AI enabled finance

  • Automate about 80% to 90% manual tasks.
  • Save 40% to 60% of cost in accounting department.
  • Save huge amounts of time for everyone in accounting departments.
  • Get 100% accuracy.
  • Happy workers.
  • Increase productivity and scale business without extra costs.
RPA benifit in finance

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