Automate almost every task with Account Receivable Bots

By automating your accounts receivable process, you can ensure greater accuracy and eliminate wasting precious time during month-end closing. Intelgic’s AR Bot helps you eradicate about 90% of manual AR outcomes, which frees up to six hours of your AR manager’s time per day.

Among other tasks, the AR Bot creates invoices and follows up on collections, tracks and processes customer payments and makes journal entries.

Work from anywhere

Advantages of Accounts Receivable Automation Bot

  • Scale up your business without hiring new people. Increase productivity
  • Eliminate the waste of precious time during month-end-closing
  • Automatic, precise and accurate reconciliation
  • Spend time on analytical tasks like forecasting rather than bookkeeping
  • Eradicate about 90% of manual work in the accounts department
  • Free up to 6 hours of AR manager's time per day
Work from anywhere

Account receivable (AR) Bot

Automate almost every task in AR processes through RPA bots and save a lot of time and tons of money. AR bots also give 100% accuracy.


Create Invoice and follow up on collection

What a Bot can do-

  • Pulls client details from CRM or additional sources
  • Constructs custom invoices by determining the line items for each client in the ERP system Or create invoices through the software system that you use.
  • Sends invoices through email or the application that you use
  • Sends payment reminders through automated calls and texts for aging invoices
  • Responds to customer questions and demands

Track and process customer payment

What a Bot can do-

  • Can read images, PDFs, checks, ACH payments, wire receipts, and credit card dealings to use for payments from clients toward their open invoices.
  • Can extract checks from the bank lockbox and do the further processing.
  • Can apply customised rules and logic for repayments, partial payments, refunds, credit notes, etc.
  • Brings humans in loop for any discrepancies.

Reconcile and journal entriess

What a Bot can do-

  • Do the reconciliation on deposits automatically
  • Reports on any uncleared entities or missing transactions from POS or e-commerce portals and brings human in the loop.
  • Will record receivables and account for bad debt.
  • Utilize ASC 606 norms to calculate and document deferred payment entries.

Benefit for AI embedded Accounting RPA service

  • Automate about 80% to 90% manual tasks.
  • Save 40% to 60% of cost in accounting department.
  • Save huge amounts of time for everyone in accounting departments.
  • Get 100% accuracy.
  • Happy workers.
  • Increase productivity and scale business without extra costs.

4 steps automation approach ensures success and maximize ROI

Follow the easy steps to automate your processes and successful digital transformation. Our process oriented and transparent approach ensures a successful and smooth automation journey.

How to get started


Our team engages with stakeholders to understand and document your AS IS accounting process and find the automation opportunity.

Design TO BE

Embedding the RPA bots and AI, we design the TO BE processes and show you the ROI.


RPA developers build bots on our RPA platform within a few weeks and show you how bots are performing in the test environment.

Deploy and Monitor

We deploy the bots, train your workers and constantly monitor for a few weeks to ensure successful digital transformation

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