Intelgic Vision AI: The Next-Gen Machine Vision System for Modern Manufacturing

  •   Affordable, Scalable, and Easy-to-Deploy Solutions
  •   Visual Inspection through cutting-edge AI algorithms and camera

AI driven Machine Vision System for Visual Inspection in Manufacturing

Intelgic's AI-driven Machine Vision System, an out-of-the-box solution engineered to revolutionize visual inspection in manufacturing. Designed with state-of-the-art AI algorithms and advanced camera technology, this system offers flexibility with deployment options on both cloud and on-premises servers. Simply install cameras at strategic locations along your production, assembly, and shipping lines, and connect them to the AI server.

  • Defect Detection and Visual Inspection: Automate visual inspection to ensure product quality.
  • Product and Object Counting: Accurately count items, elements and other objects to maintain inventory levels and streamline operations.
  • Dimension or diameter measurements: Measure diameters, dimensions, radius etc. during the product inspection using AI.
  • Packaging Error Detection: Identify open seals, improper seals, missing items in the package etc. before products reach your customers.
  • Labeling Error Detection: Wrong labels, wrong package, label information verification etc.
AI driven Machine Vision System

Traditional Machine Vision System vs. Intelgic’s AI driven Machine Vision

Intelgic’s machine vision system is an AI-driven solution that only requires a camera connected to a server running advanced AI algorithms. It is scalable, flexible, and 10 X more cost-effective.


Traditional Machine Vision System

Intelgic's AI-Driven Machine Vision System

Cost Significant investment. The cost can reach millions of dollars. At least 10X less expensive than traditional machine vision system.
Complexity Complex Machine. challenging to set up and program. AI driven! Out-of-the-box solution. It needs Only cameras and AI algorithms running on a cloud or on-prem server.
Easy to deploy,
Scalability Difficult and expensive to scale for multiple lines Highly scalable. Just add more cameras and scale the server.
Flexibility Limited to pre-programmed rules Handles variations and complex inspections with AI.
Add more defects and use cases to the existing algorithm easily.
Accuracy Reliant on precise configuration, prone to errors Superior accuracy with AI-powered defect detection.
Improve accuracy with fine tuning.
Expertise Requires specialized vision engineers for setup and maintenance Your IT team can set it up.
Applications Repetitive, simple inspections Wide range of applications including complex defect detection
Procurement Long process to procure. Just purchase cameras and AI runs on a server.

How It Works

Setting up Intelgic's system is simple and effective. Cameras are installed at key points along production lines like inspection, assembly, and dispatch areas. These cameras connect to Intelgic’s Vision AI system, which can be hosted on a cloud or on-premises server based on your business requirements.

The system uses state of the art AI algorithms to analyze video streams in real-time, detecting defects or discrepancies and counting products as they pass. When an anomaly is found, it triggers alerts for immediate action, ensuring quality control and efficiency without the delays of manual inspection.

machine vision work

Machine Vision System for diverse range of products and defects

Intelgic's AI-powered Machine Vision tackles defect detection across diverse manufacturing sectors. From electronics to pharmaceuticals, plastic products to flooring and printing materials, and even metal fabrication, this AI-driven system adapts seamlessly to diverse product types. Ensure exceptional quality control across your entire production line, regardless of what you make.

Manufacturing facility monitoring

Microscopic Defects? No Problem!

Many industries, like electronics, deal with minuscule defects often requiring microscopic inspection. Intelgic's AI goes beyond the human eye. Our system excels at identifying these microscopic flaws, ensuring the highest quality standards for your products, even at the most intricate level.

Don't Let Hairline Scratches Slip Through the Cracks:

Traditional inspection methods struggle with subtle defects on transparent, translucent and opaque materials such as white plastics. Intelgic's cutting-edge AI and image processing techniques excel at detecting these near-invisible imperfections. Hairline scratches on white plastic, or any other product, won't escape the watchful eye of our AI, ensuring flawless quality control.

Manufacturing facility monitoring
Manufacturing facility monitoring

Precision Measurement Made Easy:

Forget complex measurement tools. Intelgic's AI utilizes cutting-edge algorithms to deliver high-accuracy measurements for critical dimensions like outer diameter (OD), length, radius, width, height, and depth. Our system streamlines your process while ensuring consistent and reliable product sizing.

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