Receipts processing with AI model

Go beyond the OCR and process receipts with pre-trained AI models.

Receipts processing API

End-to-end receipt processing workflow automation.

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Source receipts

Our system can pick up receipts from your email (attachments) or a shared drive or you can send receipts through our API.

Extract data with AI

Receipts are passed through an AI model for data extraction. Extracted data then are available in JSON or Excel or other formats.

Validate the extracted data in the document AI platform

Validate the extracted data within our document AI platform. Either approve or flag the receipts. Setup your workflow with this platform.

Get extracted data within your existing system

Once you approve the receipts, get those extracted data through a webhook in JSON format and integrate your accounting system through the webhook or RPA bot for legacy system.

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Check out our pre-trained AI model for Receipts

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Your receipt will be sent to a pre-trained AI model for data extraction securely. Your data privacy is well maintained.

3 steps

Upload receipts in any form such as jpg, jpeg or PDF

A pre-trained AI model will extract receipt data.

Download the data in JSON or CSV format

Quick onboarding

Login to Intelgic from the dashboard to launch our Document AI platform and manage all of your documents

Receipt processing API

Use our readily available AI model for receipts data extraction. Send receipts through our API and get the extracted data through webhook in JSON format.

The document AI platform allows you to validate the captured data, approve and flag receipts and set up receipts workflow.

Document AI model

Constant learning - almost 100% accuracy

Intelgic’s receipt processing AI model learns constantly with your data. Within the first few weeks, the AI model improves its accuracy and brings it to almost 100% perfection.

If any of your receipts are not giving the expected accuracy, please contact us immediately.

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