An AI-powered 24*7 assistance Chatbot

See how a bot responds to patients' dynamic questions in real-time and guides them through everyday tasks.



  • A renowned pacemaker manufacturing company wanted to assist patients after being discharged from the hospital post-surgery.
  • Intelgic's AI-powered chatbot guides patients on device usage and tracks patient health conditions up to 30 days after being released from the hospital.
  • Each calendar day has an objective stack. These objectives ask questions about their health, activity, pain area, and medication.
  • The app also instructs users, on how to use stimulation devices by demonstrating via images and videos.


  • Assisting multiple patients on how to use a medical device after its implantation as what are the DO's and DONT's to obey.
  • It was getting difficult for old age people to visit hospitals frequently after the surgery for checkups and thus sometimes they miss the necessary guidance.
  • Taking regular doctor appointments becomes a tedious process at times.


  • An AI-powered, Application-Integrated chatbot assists patients 24/7.
  • The chatbot answers patient's dynamic questions/queries related to health, daily food intakes, exercise routines, etc.
  • The chatbot is associated with an everyday objective stack.
  • An objective stack is a set of tasks that are controlled by the admin panel. This set of tasks is what the user needs to complete.
  • This objective is generated based on the date of surgery and app sign-in day.

User Benefits

Time Saver and Cost-effective

Patients have witnessed significant savings in terms of their repeated hospital visits. Families have had time off work while accompanying patients on return clinic appointments.

Patients have expressed satisfaction with the convenience of using mobile apps and telemedicine for postoperative follow-up.


74% of patients prefer easy access to health care services over in-person interaction with doctors, says a recent cisco global survey.

Accurate and user friendly

  • A Dermatome map allows the user to point out or draw their pain areas.
  • A larger view of the human image will appear if you tap on it.
  • The color palette allows users to select a paint color that identifies immense pain areas or mild pain areas.

An AI integrated Chatbot gave real-time assistance

An AI-powered chatbot can communicate with patients and answer queries 24*7.


Enhances Doctor coordination and communication

Mobile health technology improves the ability to connect across the health system and with referring physicians.


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