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Automate repetitive, rule-based and mundane tasks with Process Bot

Download and Install

Download Digital Worker Maker, also known as DWmaker and install it in your PC or Windows VM in the cloud.

Download RPA

Make your first Bot

Build your first bot with clicks or just download the ready-made bot from the bot store from the DWmaker and run it to see how it works.


Run it from Orchestrator

Publish your bots to the orchestrator and run and manage them from it


Design and develop powerful bots with Intelgic RPA platform to automate repetitive tasks

The human brain is not designed to do repetitive and boring tasks. Process Bot is a robust and secured RPA platform designed to automate all kinds of repetitive, routine-based tasks where the human brain is not needed. Process Bot is a No/Low code platform, designed for citizen developers.

Build Digital Workers with a few clicks and integrate web and desktop applications either through API or UI automation.

Process Bot

Build bots - Publish them to the orchestrator - monitor and manage bots from anywhere.

Digital Worker Maker (DWmaker)

Make bots in minutes

DWmaker is a desktop tool that can either be installed on a desktop or on a cloud VM with few easy steps. DWmaker is a powerful tool, loaded with a robust feature set and commands including excel automation, UI automation, Desktop automation, API integration, Data processing etc. Make bots with few clicks and publish them in the Orchestrator(Process Bot One).

Process Bot One

An orchestration tool to manage your digital workforce

Process Bot One is a browser based orchestration tool that connects with WDmaker. Run, You can Run, schedule, pause and manage all bots you have created with DWmaker. Process Bot One also provides a set of APIs that can be used in your application to trigger and manage bots. Run and control bots from your own application. Process Bot One comes up with an inbuilt analytics that shows performance of each bot that you create.

Install Prosses

Host your RPA anywhere

Install it either on a PC or on your on-premises cloud VM or run it from our cloud and manage all the bots from anywhere.

Add and connect multiple hosts from Orchestrator

Publish bots from the DW maker

Manage all the bots from the orchestrator

RPA platform process bot

Process Bot Developer Edition

If you are a developer or student and want to try Process Bot for learning or a demo/pilot project, get the Process Bot Developer Edition for free. Please visit our Documentation section for the training.

Automate process with our team

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We are happy to provide a free consultation! Schedule a meeting with our team and initiate the process discovery process. Our business experts will talk to your stakeholders or process owner and document the AS IS process. Our automation expert will design the TO BE process with your team.

Get Started!

Download and setup Process Bot

Setup process bot with few easy steps in a few minutes. Watch this tutorial video for step by step setup process. Also visit our youtube channel for the full tutorials. If you have questions or facing challenges and need help from our technical team, please post your questions here. See what the other developers also asked and you may get answers to your questions from here.

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