Machine Vision System for Plastic Products Manufacturing

  •   Microscopic defect detection
  •   Detect microscopic defects in white transparent and translucent plastic products.
  •   5X - 10X cost-effective than traditional machine vision system.

State of the Art AI for defect detection in plastic products

As the plastic industry evolves, the diversity in product color, transparency, and size presents unique challenges in quality control. Our cutting-edge system is specifically tailored to address these complexities, ensuring meticulous defect detection and precise dimensional measurement across a vast range of plastic products.

Plastic products, varying from opaque to translucent and transparent, are integral in countless applications. Detecting defects, especially in white or clear plastics, poses significant challenges due to their nature. Minor imperfections like hairline scratches, which are often invisible to the naked eye, can drastically affect the quality and functionality of the final product. Furthermore, achieving the correct lighting conditions to highlight these defects is another hurdle traditionally faced in the industry.

AI for defect detection

Comprehensive Visual Inspection Capabilities

Intelgic’s Machine Vision System transforms these challenges into opportunities for enhanced quality control. Leveraging state-of-the-art AI and advanced image processing algorithms, our system excels in identifying and quantifying even the most subtle defects in plastic products, including:

  • Microscopic Defect Detection: Our system detects micro-level imperfections, such as fine scratches and minute inconsistencies, which are crucial for high-quality requirements.
  • Defects in White and Transparent Plastics: Specialized algorithms enhance defect visibility in challenging white, transparent, and translucent materials, where traditional inspection methods fall short.
  • Dimensional Measurements: Accurately measure dimensions of plastic products of all shapes and sizes, ensuring each item meets your stringent specifications.
Comprehensive Visual Inspection Capabilities

Advantages of Intelgic's AI-driven Machine Vision System

Intelgic's vision system offers significant benefits for plastic products manufacturing, making it a superior choice for businesses aiming to enhance their quality assurance processes:

  • Simplified Setup: Unlike traditional bulky setups, our system requires only a camera linked to an AI server, streamlining the integration into existing production lines.
  • Cost-Effective: Traditional machine vision systems can cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Intelgic’s machine vision system is 5X to 10X cost effective than the traditional machine vision system.
    Reduce costs associated with manual inspections and mitigate the risk of defective products reaching your customers
  • Scalable Solutions: Easily scale the system to accommodate different product lines or increased production volumes without significant additional investments.
  • Real-Time Feedback: Immediate detection and reporting of defects allow for quick corrective actions, enhancing overall production efficiency.
AI-driven Machine Vision System

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Experience unmatched defect detection and dimensional accuracy with Intelgic’s Machine Vision System, where advanced technology meets practical, cost-effective solutions for the dynamic world of plastic manufacturing.

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