Computer Vision AI in Retail

Real-time video analysis uncovers valuable insights and enhances security and surveillance in retail.

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Store Safety and Security Monitoring

Vision AEye platform connects with surveillance cameras and processes the video streams in real-time. It triggers alerts for security threats in real time.

  • Off-Hours Monitoring: The AI monitors loitering and unauthorized entry during off-hours, enhancing security when the store is closed.
  • Vandalism and Unexpected Gathering Detection: The system quickly detects vandalism and unexpected gatherings outside the retail shop, ensuring prompt response to potential threats.
  • Intrusion Detection and Alerts: Vision AEye platform provides real-time alerts for any intrusion, enabling immediate action to safeguard the premises.
  • Crowd Analysis: Vision AI counts and analyzes the movement of people, ensuring safe crowd management.
  • AI monitoring: The system enables remote monitoring of security feeds, allowing real-time surveillance from remote locations.

Inventory Management

Vision AI enhances inventory efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures that products are available to meet customer demands.

  • AI takes feed from cameras in real time to track inventory levels, providing accurate stock counts.
  • It generates alerts and notify staff when inventory levels reach predefined thresholds.
  • Vision AI can identify items with low turnover rates, enabling proactive management strategies.
  • Vision AI's accurate demand prediction reduces the risk of overstocking.

Store Traffic Optimization

Vision AI empowers retailers to create a shopping experience that seamlessly guides customers through the store and maximizes their engagement with products.

  • Vision AI algorithms accurately count and analyze the movement of customers throughout the store.
  • AI-generated data identifies peak foot traffic times, aiding in staff allocation and resource management.
  • Vision AI-generated path data reveals popular routes and areas for customers with potential optimization opportunities.
  • AI assists in organizing products based on customer preferences and complementary items.

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