Setup Intelgic Bot Platform

Discover How to Set Up and Deploy Your Bot Creation Platform in Minutes: An Easy-to-Follow Guide.

How to Create Your First Bot with Intelgic RPA Platform

From Manual to Automatic: Creating a Bot with Low Code RPA Platform for Beginners.

Easy-to-use interface for creating, editing, and managing variables

Easily define, configure, and reuse variables across different parts of the bot's logic. This can help ensure consistency and accuracy in the bot's behavior, and make it easier to maintain and update the bot over time.

Customize bot responses with conditional logic for tailored outcomes

Conditional logic uses if-else statements to perform different actions based on specific conditions. This enables dynamic decision-making in programming, adapting to changing inputs or data. By setting up conditions and corresponding actions, you can direct the bot to perform specific tasks based on the input received.

Automate and manage bot activities with loop statements

Loop statements in programming enable you to execute a set of instructions repeatedly, controlling the flow of the program. By utilizing loop statements in your bot's logic, you can automate and manage complex activities, such as data processing, user input validation, and system interactions. This allows your bot to function more efficiently and effectively while reducing the potential for errors or data inconsistencies.

Streamline Web-based Tasks with Bot-driven Automation

Web automation involves using bots to perform tasks automatically on websites, such as data extraction, form filling, and browser testing. This approach also reduces the potential for errors and inconsistencies in data processing, improving the accuracy and reliability of your web-based operations.

Automate Email Management with IMAP-enabled Bots

By utilizing the IMAP protocol in your bot's programming, you can enable it to read emails from a remote mail server. This approach enables your bot to access and parse email messages, extract relevant data, and perform automated actions based on specific criteria. By creating a bot that can read emails through IMAP, you can streamline email management, increase productivity, and reduce the need for manual intervention. GitHub link

Setting up an Outlook Email Reader Bot with Intelgic's DW Maker Tool

If you want your bot to read emails from Outlook and display the subject line and body of the email, you can set up an integration between your bot and the Outlook API via Intelgic's DW Maker Tool. GitHub link

Automate Your Email Workflow for Outlook

Check out this video that demonstrates how the bot uses Outlook to send emails.

Sending Emails via SMTP with a Bot's Help Made Easy

In this video, you can witness the bot in action as it effortlessly sends emails via the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). With the bot's assistance, sending emails via SMTP has never been easier.

Excel Automation Bot Tutorial: Learn to Streamline Your Tasks with Ease

In just 5 minutes, you can learn how to automate Excel operations with a bot that captures the 7-day weather forecast for Boston and writes it to a spreadsheet. Using a popular API, this tutorial will teach you how to streamline Excel operations and make API calls with ease. GitHub link

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