Reduce deviations using vision AI and transform pharmaceutical manufacturing without heavy and expensive machinery.

  • Vials, prefilled syringes, tablets, capsules counting using Vision AI and a camera
  • Defect detection using a camera

Vials, Syringes, capsules, tablets, pallets and other object counting

Traditional counting machines in the pharmaceutical industry are inaccurate, expensive, bulky, need excessive space, and involve complicated setup processes.

Vision AI solves all these problems. By simply installing an IP camera along the production or assembly line and integrating it with our Vision AI platform, you can reduce deviation in product counting, inventory monitoring and dispatching process.

Intelgic has an out of box AI solution for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our AI leverages advanced AI algorithms and deep learning models for accurate vials, syringes and other pharma product counting.

  • Count vials, syringes within treys, tubs or pallets using with almost 100% accuracy
  • Count tablets, capsules, boxes, Kits and other products.
  • Identify missing components such as stoppers on prefilled syringes with high accuracy.
  • Count products in the production line and assembly line.
  • Customized reports (Day-wise, month-wise, week-wise etc.)

Detect defects and issues in tablets, caprules, injections and other pharma products.

Vision AI systems surpass human capabilities by detecting minute differences in pharmaceutical products, including component positioning, shape, and dimensions, throughout the manufacturing process. These advanced, flexible, and automated systems are used in a range of applications, significantly enhancing quality and safety for the pharmaceutical sector and its stakeholders, ensuring products meet the highest standards.

Pharmaceutical product inspection using vision AI

  • Detect unit dimensions, shape, color of capsules and tablets and other medical products using AI.
  • Damage detection in tablets, capsules and other pharma products.
  • Detect product marking (embossed codes)
  • Identify missing, damaged, improperly sealed medicines

Pharmaceutical kit monitoring

  • Component identification within a kit using vision AI
  • Missing components within the kit using AI
  • Component shape, size monitoring

Labeling and printing inspection

  • Label presence inspection using Vision AI
  • Orientation and print positioning check using AI
  • Barcode and QR code reading and data verification
  • Read label data and check of incorrect data within the labels
  • Misprints inspection
  • Customized reports

Workers safety and compliance monitoring

  • PPE detection using Vision AI
  • Worker activity monitoring
  • Restricted area monitoring
  • Facial recognition

Regulatory Compliance and deviation reduction

  • Vision AI helps pharmaceutical companies adhere to strict regulatory standards by providing detailed records of inspections, counting etc.
  • Automated documentation and traceability support compliance with regulations and standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Why Intelgic’s Vision AEye platform

The traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing setups are complex, expensive and time consuming. Also traditional counting machines do not give accurate counting all the time. Inteligic's Vision AEye platform is an out of the box solution for pharmaceutical product countings, defect detection and visual inspection. It uses cutting edge AI algorithms to solve various problems within your production and assembly lines.

  • Unparalleled accuracy in vials, prefilled syringes, tablet counting and defect detection.
  • Just need a camera! AI can do the rest. No bulky machines, complex setup and month long processes.
  • Install cameras in any strategic location in production and assembly lines.
  • Cost effective solution.
  • Keep your existing infrastructure as it is
  • No extra space is needed. Keep your floor clean.
  • Our AI is highly customizable to meet any of your specific needs.

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