Detect fire inside and outside of buildings using AI

  • Pre-trained AI model and algorithm for detecting fire
  • Early detection and generate alert
  • Detect fire from distance
  • Detect sparking with high resolution camera
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Vision A Eye fire detection algorithm

We connect an AI enabled system, vision A Eye, with your existing surveillance camera to detect fire and smoke and generate alerts. We have designed sophisticated AI based algorithms that can detect fire from distance and way before it becomes uncontrollable. Vision A Eye is a highly flexible system that can be fine tuned based on your specific use cases to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Use cases

Vision A Eye can be installed in office buildings, hospitals, schools, shops, factories etc. Get alerts on phones with camera location and video footage. The system is highly scalable and you can connect multiple cameras to the Vision A Eye system.

Why Vision A Eye for fire detection

  • Vision A Eye seamlessly integrates with your existing cameras and infrastructure. There is no need for new investments on new cameras if you already have IP based cameras.
  • The system is vision based and accuracy is higher than the conventional sensors that sometimes generate alerts when the situation goes beyond control.
  • Vision A Eye algorithm is highly flexible and can be fine tuned based on your specific use cases using an easy to use interface to increase accuracy and decrease false positive alerts.
  • It detects fire and generate alerts in real time.

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