Intrusion Detection using Vision AEye

Protect your property, factory and other restricted areas using the vision AI monitoring system.

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Protect Property Alert

Detect intrusion and get alert in real-time

Protecting factories, facilities, properties, warehouses, and other restricted areas from unauthorized entry is critical for security and surveillance. However, relying solely on manual surveillance of camera feeds is inconsistent and misses potential threats. With Vision AEye’s AI-driven video stream analytics platform, organizations can now automate intruder detection with high accuracy.

Vision AEye, with its cutting-edge AI-driven video stream analysis algorithms, contents with surveillance cameras and processes video streams in real time and detects intrusion, loitering and other unexpected activities. The AI sends alerts to stakeholders in real-time to prevent intrusion and loitering.

How Intrusion detection is used with the help of Vision AEye

Connect your surveillance cameras to Vision AEye platform using the RTSP link that comes with every IP camera. The AI platform uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to process video streams coming from those cameras and monitor boundary walls, fencing, and other restricted areas. The AI raises alerts instantly for any unauthorized entries or suspicious movements. This feature proves invaluable also for various environments, including schools, offices, public spaces, and critical infrastructure.

Unauthorized Entry Detection: Vision AEye can promptly alert security personnel when someone enters restricted areas or a building during non-operational hours.

Automated Intruder Detection: The AI-powered platform automatically identifies and raises alerts for any unauthorized individuals attempting to breach the boundary wall

Disturbance Detection: The platform identifies and notifies security about disturbances or unusual activities, allowing for swift responses to potential threats.

Loitering Detection: Loitering can be a precursor to unwanted incidents, making the identification of individuals lingering in specific areas crucial for proactive security measures.

Intrusion Detection
Customize Security

Customizable Security Policies

AI algorithms are flexible and customizable. Design your own security policies tailored to the unique needs of different environments. Whether it's adjusting sensitivity levels for intrusion alerts or defining loitering parameters, businesses can adapt the system to their specific security requirements.

CCTV Integration

Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure

Vision AEye seamlessly integrates with existing surveillance cameras. This ensures a cohesive security infrastructure, allowing businesses to enhance their capabilities without undergoing a complete overhaul of their current setup.

Mobile Alert

Real-Time Alerts on Mobile Devices

One of the key strengths of Vision AEye is its ability to provide real-time alerts on mobile devices. Security personnel can receive instant notifications along with video clips, facilitating quick assessments and responses to potential security threats.

AI Monitoring

A complete AI monitoring system

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, customizable security policies, and seamless integration, businesses can elevate their security posture to safeguard against unauthorized access and potential threats. Vision AEye emerges not just as a surveillance tool but as a proactive guardian, ensuring enhanced safety and security across diverse environments.

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