A complete RPA platform for enterprises

A Robust RPA Platform

To automate tasks where the human brain is not needed

The human brain is not designed to do repetitive and boring tasks. Process Bot is a robust and secured RPA platform designed to automate all kinds of repetitive, routine-based tasks where the human brain is not needed. Process Bot is a No/Low code platform designed for business users and developers. Build Digital Workers with a few clicks and integrate all the applications that you use in daily operations.

Process Bot augments human capabilities by automating processes and provides autonomy to the business users through automation.

Process Bot

A Robust and secured RPA platform


DW Maker

Install DWmaker (Digital Worker Maker) in your cloud or on an on-prem server or on a desktop PC to create bots.


Create and connect them

Create Digital Workers with DWmaker without writing code and publish those bots on Process Bot One (Orchestrator).


Measure ROI

Get the ROI and performance reports of digital workers in real-time on the orchestrator dashboard.


See them in action

Run, manage, and monitor the bots from an orchestrator or a chrome extension (Singular X)


Process-Bot is loaded with extensive features to automate any tasks, any processes, any application workflow, and any businesses. Learn More

Cognitive Process Bot

On many occasions, we need humans to understand documents, recognise images, and data patterns to make decisions. We embed cognitive AI technologies into RPA workflow for all kinds of document reading, understanding, image recognition, object detection, screen capturing, data scraping etc. We don’t just automate we do Cognitive Process Automation (CPA).

Don’t just make Robots, make performers

Our Process Bot One is equipped with the algorithm which analyses different performance factors in real time and shows the top 10 Digital Worker Perforformers and gives valuable insights which can be used to fine tune the RPA strategy.

Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CDCI)

Analytics Insights

Analyze Automation Performance Real-Time in Process Bot One

Our Process Bot One generates ROI Reports in real-time. you can Analyze and Understand the saving of each department by implementing the RPA Process Bot program. The Process Bot One Dashboard generates Real-time Analytic driven Reports that help you to understand a minimum 4x return within 12 months of implementation. You can compare the pre and post RPA costs and benefits the program has driven in your HRM, Procurement, and Finance Department just through simple analytics in your Dashboard. This will also help you to improve your follow-up activities through accurate analysis.

Measure Productivity of your Digital Worker

Review the productivity and performance of your Process Bot in real-time. The Process Bot One dashboard measures and analyses the efficiency of your robot's performance in real-time. With this, you can identify the top 10 RPA process bots in your organization. Based on the performance of your robots you can take corrective actions, plan follow-up measures, scale your automation program, and design process improvements. This would help you monitor your current performances and upsurge your future activities as well.

Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CDCI)

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