Recruitment Automation

See how a bot can perform recruitment tasks such as reading resumes, filtering resumes, doing relevant information entries in multiple systems, shortlisting candidates based on parameters, and scheduling the interview calls with the right managers.



  • A renowned organization wanted to support its HR team by automating the recruitment operation.
  • The company wanted to reduce human error, prevent paperwork misplacement, and enhance departmental coordination by automating the onboarding process or recruitment.
  • An AI application integrated into an HR solution improves recruiting and onboarding processes. The HR chatbot can help guide new employees in filling out details.
  • A chatbot should answer any questions employees may have concerning HR, thus saving time and freeing them to focus on more strategic aspects.


  • A company employs roughly 4000 sales reps (Contractual) every year.
  • The HR department spends countless hours assembling all the data necessary for recruiting and onboarding new employees.
  • They post ads in different portals like Indeed, Monster, etc.
  • They need to process those resumes and update them in their ERP/CRM and multiple other systems for the hiring process.
  • It is a manual, redundant, and monotonous task that they wanted to automate.


  • We built a bot that reads resumes from emails and online portals and filters them based on pre-set parameters where candidates have applied.
  • Next, the bot downloads those resumes, parses them, and captures required info such as name, email, phone, skills, etc. This information is updated in the workday(ERP/CRM systems) along with the copy of resumes as attachments.
  • The bot logs in to the online job portals, downloading resumes, reading resumes, parsing, and uploading the relevant information in QuickBooks.
  • Finally, the bot shortlists the candidates based on pre-set parameters such as skills, experience, notice period, availability, etc.
  • All the shortlisted candidates will be called automatically by the bot/system to schedule interview calls.
  • If the shortlisted candidates do not pick up the call, the bot makes sure to call 3-4 times within the time frames.
  • The bot updates the status of candidates who do not answer the phone calls and those who answered the calls. Bot aligns the candidate with the right department manager for the interview.
  • Now further onboarding process can be handled by the team as per interview results.
  • Effortless collaboration: Centralize HR processes so that the team can interact according to their roles and context.
  • Actionable insights: View unified dashboards and drill down into details to identify issues and bottlenecks in HR processes.
  • Dynamic workflows: Create or modify existing HR process workflows and automation to adopt new tools and best practices.
  • Enhanced efficiency: The HR team can now focus on more productive tasks by automating the repetitive recruitment tasks.
  • Reduced error: Errors will get reduced by automating every action of the recruitment process.


  • Improved productivity as a result of quick processing and data sharing.
  • Reduce employee turnover by increasing employee engagement.
  • Slash down storage and printing costs associated with paper-based processing.
  • Avoid compliance risks or policy violations.
  • Ensure organizational growth by hiring efficiently at an optimal price.
  • Reduce data entry errors and misplaced/lost documents.
  • With insightful reports, you can make intelligent business decisions.
  • Engage other stakeholders to hire, train, and retain skilled workers.
  • Invest more time in analyzing HR data to make business decisions smartly.

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