Mobile and web app development

  • iOS and android app development, enhancement and maintenance
  • App development for businesses
  • App development for startups
  • Large web application development, enhancement and maintenance.
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AWS Certified Developers


$125/hour (compared to $150-$175 at other SLC-based companies)


You’ll know exactly how long your app will take and what it’ll cost before you spend a penny


Our developers and designers are quick, efficient, and highly skilled


We follow a transparent and proven process that will lead to success. Agile and SCRUM is our preferred development method

SCRUM is our preferred development method

iOS App development

Crafting a state of the art iOS app begins with a brilliant concept and a smooth developmental journey. While this can seem overwhelming, know that at Intelgic, we’re right beside you, steering you through each phase, allowing you to stay centered on the grand vision.

Our core values center on unmatched quality, impeccable design, and swift execution, ensuring your iOS app reflects these and even more. Our steadfast commitment means that your app doesn’t just meet the basics but truly surpasses your hopes. From the moment you share your dream with us, right up to its grand unveiling on the app store, we've got you covered. We believe in open dialogue, keeping you in the loop throughout development. Our passionate team is dedicated to fast-tracking the launch of your app, realizing your dream with peak efficiency.

Android App development

Intelgic excels in crafting Android apps that emphasize user-centric design, standout aesthetics, and tailored solutions to fit your unique needs. When you entrust us with your app idea, we engage in a collaborative partnership to provide a transparent quote, chart out the design, and walk you through each step of the development journey, ensuring your Android app aligns perfectly with your vision.

Our goal is to take the weight off your shoulders during the app creation process. Partnering with our seasoned team means entrusting the minutiae—from meticulous planning to the triumphant app launch—to experts. This empowers you to channel your energy towards the larger facets of your enterprise or initiative, resting easy in the knowledge that we're adeptly managing the technical groundwork.

Web App and API development

We have highly skilled backend and frontend developers for large web application development, enhancement, optimization and maintenance. We work in cutting edge technologies such as Python, Node, React, Anular, Java scripts etc. If your existing developer provided a buggy and slow application, let us review the code and optimize your application.

Larger applications need scalable and robust architecture, optimized code, scalable cloud server and well established process to support growing user base. We optimize your application from database to server to architecture to make it fast and scalable.

Why hire an app development company?

Certainly, there are various avenues to bring your app idea to reality and make its mark in the app store: DIY approaches, in-house coders, or freelancing. However, it's crucial to weigh the possible shortcomings of these methods. Though you might find individuals in your circle or community proclaiming prowess in mobile app development, the outcomes can be inconsistent when relying on them. Freelancers can sometimes miss the mark in terms of qualifications and expertise, leading to extended project durations and less-than-stellar quality.

For assured professionalism and accountability, engaging a respected app development firm is advisable. Choosing a seasoned app developer, be it in Utah or elsewhere, provides you the advantage of a skilled and experienced team committed to consistent excellence. Entrusting your project to a credible app development company is a solid investment, granting you confidence that your vision is managed with unparalleled proficiency and skill.

Why choose intelgic

For your app development project in utah?

  • Commitment to delivering exceptional quality
  • Affordable cost
  • Fast development and delivery
  • Transparent and proven process
  • You own Intellectual Property (IP), code and everything related to your app.
  • Highly skilled and experienced team.
  • Free consulting with suggestions and secret of success
  • One stop shop for development, marketing, legal etc.


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