Application Development

Large application development demands automation in the development lifecycle and this automation can be achieved through various tools, processes, and technologies. Intelgic provides end to end development services which include consulting, planning, development, testing, integration and releasing. Our services include full scale Development, Testing, Quality Assuarance and Database Management.

Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CDCI)

Continuous Development and Continuous Integration (CICD)

Dynamic market conditions and ever-changing customer behaviour keep businesses evolved. Business applications need to be modified to support the dynamism of businesses. DevOps ensures the smooth integration of updated features in the application. We help businesses with consultancy, deploy integrate new features in the existing application and support through a smooth integration process using DevOps.


Modernize your app dev with DevOps

DevOps is a software development practice that connects the development and IT Operation team to work together in an automated environment for smoother and faster development and release of high-quality software applications. A set of tools referred to as toolchain is needed to set up a DevOps environment which ensures the DevOps practice in the Software Development Life Cycle.



A large software system provides thousands of services to business and since businesses are highly dependent on the software system, it is mandatory to keep the software system up and running for smoother business operations.

Microservices Architecture(MSA) is the architechtural pattern designed for such a large software system where we break the large system into smaller, loosely coupled independent applications called services. Each service or application is designed for a specific purpose and can be developed, designed and deployed independently on an independent server or VM. We choose different technology stack to develop each service or application. Technology stack which includes programming language, database, etc. for each service or application depends on the goal and requirement of the service.In case you are moving your application to cloud or modernizing it just by using Kubernetes, micro services you can reduce cost and complexity while retaining investment. By applying Dev ops, Micro services project efficiency can be enabled.

API Management Tool

API management tool

During the software development process, we noticed that API building takes a considerable amount of man-hours which increases the overall development cost. To address this issue, we have built an API management tool which is used for faster API building and management from a single interface. Our goal is to reduce the overall development cost and let the development team focus on the UI.

Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance & Support

We provide end to end maintenance service which includes developing new features or API or module, updating business logic in existing features and removing unused features from the application. We also provide IT operation services where we make sure 99.99% uptime of your software system.So, optimize your Investment and add value to your solutions by using latest technology based Application Development.

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