AI for video and image analysis

Activity and event detection

Object and text detection within a video

Defect detection and inspection automation

Pre-trained AI models

Customized AI models for your specific needs

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Detect any activities, object, event and text within a video using computer vision AI

We use computer vision AI technology to analyze videos and images to detect activities, events, specific objects, exceptions, texts and everything that a human eye can observe and detect. Integrate AI models with your existing system for end-to-end automation.

AI for every video and image analysis

Pre-trained AI models

Use pre-trained models to detect popular objects within an image or video. Get the list of objects that can be detected with the pre-trained AI model. Integrate the AI model with your existing application through API for workflow automation.

Detect customized objects and events specific to your business use case

Do you have any specific object or event or activity or text to detect? We train the AI model exclusively for you, and for your business. You have the option to deploy the customized AI model within your server infrastructure or to any secured cloud environment such as AWS or Azure or Google (GCP).

Event detection and Alert generation

AI can detect any event such as running, swimming, object moving, driver drowsiness, patient monitoring, drinking, smoking, suspicious activity and everything that you can think of. After detecting the activity or event, we can generate the alert and integrate the solution with your existing system. This process involves AI model training, hyper parameter tuning and developing an algorithm for the specific use cases.

User authentication and face recognition

If you are running an app where the users need to be authenticated with facial recognition, this is the perfect solution for you. Use our readily available API for user authentication using vision AI.

Human facial expression analysis

Detect different facial expressions such as smiling, open eye, close eye, happy face, head movement, gender, sleeping etc. with high accuracy and integrate the AI outputs with your existing system for decision making and alert generation.
Disclaimer: The gender detection is only based on physical appearance and Intelgic does not recommend to use this technology for any use cases that violate individual rights, privacy etc.

Defect detection and inspection monitoring

Detect defects and damage on products such as dent on a car, damage in parts and machine, machine performance irregularities, missing components in a device, circuit board, etc. using vision AI and automate your inspection monitoring and quality control.

Inappropriate content detection

Detect inappropriate content within a video or image and make your content distribution safe for all. After detecting the inappropriate content, you can either cut the clip or make that portion blur based on your needs.

Works with stored videos and streaming videos

The AI technology is flexible enough to work with stored video and live video streams. Source videos and images from cloud storage or cameras. A seamless integration ensures the smooth workflow.

For small to large businesses: Affordable for everyone and scalable to the infinity

Our AI technologies and its pricing are designed for everyone starting from small businesses to large enterprises. The powerful computer vision AI technology can be used for any use cases irrespective of volume of usage. We have a pay-as-you-go billing model as well that may fit your needs. Talk to your expert to get an idea of pricing.

End-to-end AI implementation

There are many freely available open source AI models and paid AI models from Google, AWS and Azure. Based on your use cases, we suggest and design the best AI solution that is cost effective, fast to deploy and fits your needs. Moreover, we have tools, technology and experts for data labeling, model training, hyper parameter tuning, accuracy improving and everything that you need for video and image analysis using computer vision AI.

Design an algorithm that solves the problem

A straight forward AI model output may not solve the problem that you intended to solve in your business. Sometimes the raw videos and images need to be pre-processed before sending them to the AI model and AI model outputs also need to be post-processed to achieve the intended goal. Our experts design an algorithm including pre and post processing that solves the specific problem within your business. For the end-to-end automation the AI solution needs to be integrated with your existing system and we can do this through API and webhooks.

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