Vision AEye: A Vision AI platform for event and object detection

Transform your passive IP cameras to a proactive surveillance system.
  •   Gun detection
  •   Violence detection
  •   Loitering and restricted area monitoring
  •   Crowd analysis

Secure your campus and property using vision AI

Vision AEye is an advanced AI platform designed to seamlessly integrate with hundreds of existing IP cameras, efficiently processing live video feeds to identify objects and incidents such as guns, acts of violence, loitering, crowd formation and many more. Upon detection of these events, it promptly sends notifications via a mobile app, phone calls, texts, or emails, ensuring immediate awareness and response.

Campus security

Campus security

Transform the surveillance system of educational campuses like schools, colleges, and universities by leveraging our AI platform in conjunction with your existing camera setup. It's designed to instantly recognize and alert you to potential security threats such as firearms presence, physical altercations, or unauthorized loitering, ensuring real-time notifications for swift action.

property monitoring

Large property monitoring

Manually monitoring every area of large properties around the clock is a daunting task. Utilize Vision AI to transform your passive camera setup to an active surveillance system. AI will monitor your property round the clock event during off-hours, weekends and holidays. It effectively detects loitering, intrusions, and other activities that require human-like observation, ensuring comprehensive and efficient security coverage.

Manufacturing facility monitoring

Manufacturing facility monitoring

Ensure comprehensive surveillance of your manufacturing site, including perimeters, fencing, underutilized zones, warehouses, and entry points, especially during non-operational hours, holidays, and weekends. Stay informed of any unusual activities with real-time alerts for enhanced security.

Smart, Multi-channel alert system

Smart, Multi-channel alert system

Receive notifications via the Vision AEye mobile app, phone calls, or text messages, with each alert accompanied by a video clip pinpointing the precise moment when an event or incident occurs. This feature of the Vision AEye platform ensures a human-in-the-loop verification process, eliminating the chances of responding to false alarms.

Why Intelgic’s Vision AI

Intelgic's Vision AI is transforming the landscape of security and surveillance, making it more efficient, cost effective, simple and integrated. Here's why it stands out:

Use your existing Infrastructure:

It seamlessly integrates with your current camera setups, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure overhaul.

Exceptional Accuracy:

It boasts remarkable precision in detecting guns, violence and other significant incidents, ensuring reliable alerts.

Simplicity in Setup:

The system requires only a server to process the video streams, offering a straightforward implementation process.

On-site Data Processing:

Video analysis occurs on-premises, enhancing data security by keeping sensitive information within your control.

Real-time Alerts with Context:

Receive instant notifications paired with relevant video clips, allowing for quick verification of alerts before action.

Versatile and scalable Notification System:

Choose how you receive alerts, whether through the Vision AEye App, phone calls, or text messages, according to your preference.


It's a budget-friendly solution that doesn't compromise on quality or functionality.

Advanced, Ready-to-Use AI:

Equipped with pre-developed AI algorithms for detecting a wide range of incidents, including gun presence, acts of violence, loitering, fires and many more.

Customizable Solutions:

The platform can be tailored to meet specific security needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your operational requirements.

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