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Real-time Detection, Tracking & Counting of Vehicles, People, & Objects. 🚗👥🔍 Elevate Safety & Security in Factories, Buildings, Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Airports & More! 🏥🏢✈️
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How it works

Vision AEye utilizes advanced, pre-trained AI models and dynamic algorithms to analyze video streams from cameras, promptly generating alerts in real-time for enhanced surveillance.

Setting Up Video Streams

Install surveillance cameras at strategic points and link them to the Vision AEye software. This ensures comprehensive coverage and optimal results for enhanced surveillance.

Video Content Analysis using Advanced AI algorithms

The platform employs cutting-edge AI models and algorithms to meticulously analyze the live video streams. It adeptly identifies events, incidents, objects, vehicles, and people, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

Real-Time Alerts

Upon detecting any significant activity or incident, Vision AEye promptly triggers alerts, ensuring immediate attention. Users receive instant notifications through phone calls, emails, or SMS, facilitating swift response and intervention.

Incident Clip Storage:

For comprehensive review and documentation, Vision AEye securely stores video clips associated with each detected incident. This feature not only aids in incident analysis and resolution but also serves as a valuable resource for future reference and learning.

Embrace a future of enhanced vigilance and proactive security solutions with Vision AEye!

Industry use cases

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  • product detection, tracking, counting & defect detection
  • Vehicle tracking, counting, license place reading, report generation
  • Package counting during off/on-loading
  • PPE: Worker safety detection monitoring
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  • Abandoned bag detection
  • Long queue detection & counting
  • Fighting & vandalism detection
  • Restricted place monitoring
  • Early fire detection
  • Incoming and outgoing vehicle counting, license plate reading
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  • Off/On-load package counting
  • Vehicle tracking, counting, license place reading, report generation
  • Warehouse monitoring
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  • Incoming & outgoing customer counting & realtime footprint reporting
  • Parking area: car counting
  • Stock monitoring
  • Product identification & counting.
  • Queue monitoring and head count reporting
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  • Livestock monitoring and counting
  • Animal health monitoring
  • Fire detection
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Object detection, tracking and counting

  • Vehicle detection, tracking and counting
  • License plate reading
  • Vehicle type detection
  • Human detection
  • Product detection, tracking and counting
Integic products

Introducing Vision AEye, your plug-and-play solution for advanced video content analysis! Downloadable from our website and compatible with most IP-based cameras, it’s easy to set up on a Linux-based system with our guidance or assistance from our partners. This AI-driven platform swiftly analyzes video streams, detecting and tracking entities across various settings, and sends real-time alerts for enhanced security. Elevate safety across diverse environments and embrace intelligent surveillance with Vision AEye!

Intelgic enterprize solution

Vision AEye offers tailored solutions for unique business needs, especially when detection of specific events or incidents not included in our platform are required. We design customized AI algorithms and guarantee smooth implementation.

Moreover, we provide all-encompassing end-to-end services, from location studies and strategy formulation to camera installation and system integration. With our customized approach, we enhance your surveillance capabilities, delivering security solutions that are meticulously tailored to your needs.

Become a Partner

Unlock new possibilities in surveillance technology by joining hands with Vision AEye! We invite companies specializing in surveillance camera solutions to explore the opportunity of integrating our advanced AI-powered video content analysis into your offerings. By becoming our channel and implementation partner, you not only enhance your portfolio with cutting-edge technology but also contribute to shaping a safer and more secure future.

Discover the mutual growth and shared successes that await – collaborate with us to redefine surveillance and bring unparalleled value to your clients!

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