Automate your Account Reconciliation process with RPA Bots

Finally, account reconciliation is easily the most tedious and time-consuming task for any accounting department. According to a survey by Ernst & Young, up to 59% of a financial department’s resources get involved in driving transaction-intensive operations. 95% of their effort gets wasted on transactions that are already valid.

Account Reconciliation Bot

Automate almost every task in Account Reconciliation processes through RPA bots and save a lot of time and tons of money. Account Reconciliation bots also give 100% accuracy.

Bank reconciliation

  • Integrated system that communicates with multiple systems and sources such as bank, ERP, Checks, AR, etc. and do the automatic reconciliations.
  • Check deposit reconciliation
  • Other payment reconciliations
  • Flag exceptions for humans

Credit Card reconciliations

  • Read and capture transactions through Credit card portal, excel etc.
  • Do reconciliation.
  • Flag exceptions

External processors

  • Read and capture transactions sent by Amazon, Shopify, App stores or any aggregator.
  • Do reconciliation
  • Flag exceptions

Benefit for AI embedded Accounting RPA service

  • Automate about 80% to 90% manual tasks.
  • Save 40% to 60% of cost in accounting department.
  • Save huge amounts of time for everyone in accounting departments.
  • Get 100% accuracy.
  • Happy workers.
  • Increase productivity and scale business without extra costs.

4 steps automation approach ensures success and maximize ROI

Follow the easy steps to automate your processes and successful digital transformation. Our process oriented and transparent approach ensures a successful and smooth automation journey.

How to get started


Our team engages with stakeholders to understand and document your AS IS accounting process and find the automation opportunity.

Design TO BE

Embedding the RPA bots and AI, we design the TO BE processes and show you the ROI.


RPA developers build bots on our RPA platform within a few weeks and show you how bots are performing in the test environment.

Deploy and Monitor

We deploy the bots, train your workers and constantly monitor for a few weeks to ensure successful digital transformation

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