Count, track incoming and outgoing vehicles using AI

  • Vehicle type detection
  • Counting incoming and outgoing vehicles
  • License plate reading
  • Report generation with vehicle image
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Elevate Your Vehicle Insights with Vision AEye platform: Counts, Tracks Vehicle and Read License Plates

Vision AEye’s vehicle counting, tracking, and license plate reading solutions are designed to optimize security and operational efficiency. By deploying our technology at your facility's gates, you can effectively monitor and manage vehicle access, improving overall security while streamlining operations.

  • Count different types of vehicles (Cars and Trucks)
  • Track vehicles
  • Read license plate

Deploy vision AEye in factory gates, parking areas, streets, and designated areas etc. and get detailed reports on vehicles movements.

The Vision AEye Advantage

Vision AEye, our no code platform offers a range of benefits that make it the preferred choice for vehicle counting, tracking, and license plate reading:

Automated Reporting:

Vision AEye captures and processes videos in real-time and generates comprehensive reports that include vital information such as vehicle images and license plate details, vehicle types, incoming and outgoing vehicle counts.

Automated monitoring:

No need to look at the camera feed all the time. Let AI do this for you. Act when an incident is detected.

Use your existing surveillance cameras:

Use your already existing cameras to integrate with Vision AEye.

Faster investigation:

No need to sit hours for searching recorded videos to find the events. AI separates that automatically for you.

On-premises solution with cloud based reporting:

Our platform operates on-premises, providing real-time incident detection with video clips, while seamlessly generating and storing reports on the cloud for your convenience.

Reducing false alerts:

Alerts come through our app along with a video clip. Security personnel can quickly see the video and then take action.

Manage security remotely:

You can get alerts and manage security remotely

Connect unlimited cameras:

You can integrate Vision AEye with any number of cameras

Alerts on mobile:

Get alerts on your mobile with video clips.

Use Cases

Factory Gate Monitoring
Ensure that only authorized vehicles gain access to your manufacturing facilities. Our technology accurately counts incoming and outgoing vehicles, tracks their movements, and records license plate information for enhanced security.
Office Building Access Control
Improve access control and visitor management at your office building. Our system identifies and logs vehicles, making it easy to grant or deny access, track employee arrivals, and enhance security protocols.
Parking Areas
Improve the security of vehicles in parking lots by accurately counting and tracking incoming and outgoing vehicles with details of their license plate to enhance security.
Large Property Surveillance
Protect your properties effectively by implementing our vehicle monitoring solutions. Whether it's a warehouse, a logistics center, or a vast estate, our technology ensures thorough surveillance and record-keeping.
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