Process Discovery

Discover automation and process debt automatically

Process Discovery

Engage stakeholders and subject matter experts to the discovery process and let them capture the process while executing them.

Capture and record the end to end process and get recordings from multiple stakeholders

Discover the AS IS process and the best practises and document them using the Process Discovery tool

Design the TO BE process and send to the RPA engineer for the automation





and Document


Design TO BE



Intelligent Capturing

Install the Process Discovery tool in every stakeholder’s machine and let them capture screenshots of applications and activity during the process execution. The tool is intelligent enough to discard unnecessary screenshots and keep only relevant screens to the Process Analyst.


Support for Mac and Windows

Process Discovery comes with separate builds for Mac and Windows that work independently in these respective systems. Screenshots and flows are then managed through the orchestrator.



Our tool does not record Facebook and other social media websites. It also does not record any personal chat such as Skype and whatsapp. It will only capture the workflow through business applications. The tool is designed to respect and protect the privacy of the stakeholders.


No Cost

Our No/Lode tool, Process Discovery tool comes free with the Process Bot licence. Before creating robots and jumping for automation, it is important to know what is to be automated. Along with Process Discovery, Process Bot becomes a complete RPA platform.

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