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Automate your enterprise processes by enabling Process Bot Cloud

Set your wings free and stop worrying of complexity and heavy investment on hardware infrastructure. With Process Bot Cloud, we let you execute a PoC on the cloud instantaneously, from which you can have smooth transition to production. This entire transformation can materialize in a few days. Connect with us and in a few simple steps you can create a pool of DWs with Process Bot Cloud.

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Why Process Bot Cloud?

Unlimited Automation

Unlimited automation can be achieved by creating and launching unlimited DWs in an elastic environment. Our multi-tenant-based system can be spun off both horizontally and vertically depending on the usage.

R2R Communications

Robot-to-Robot communication ensures that information is exchanged between Bots or DWs securely and thus smoother business execution can take place. can be taken care of by another DW. Let the DWs work in team in a collaborative manner and execute parallel processes on shared physical resources.

Reduction in CAPEX

Business Process automation using cloud-based bots eliminates the need for huge IT infrastructure. Upgrading IT infrastructure and maintain a dedicated team for it are not required. Scaling up as per the requirement does not come with increased CAPEX.

Ideal Process Management

Collaboration among human team members can be made easy as their digital co-workers across multiple locations can be launched, managed, communicated and organised following an agile methodology.

High Availability

Since all the DWsare deployed on cloud, so your DWs would be available 24X7. Make your business available to your customers even when you are sleeping.


Get rid of the crisis of losing business when local servers crash and so the bots running on them. DWsare running in a highly secured environment.

Focus only on Automation, Let us handle the Infrastructure

In order to maintain a cloud infrastructure, proper knowledge, investment and manpower is required. Our Process Bot Cloud is designed for those who would not like to take this burden.

Accelarate Cloud Enabled Enterprise Automation with Process Bot Cloud

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