SaaS-Based Property Selling Application

See how a buyer connects with the marketing representatives through single-click video calls and gets real-time details about the property of their choice.



  • A renowned marketing firm wanted to support its customers by providing better services.
  • All agents should register with the portal that will be responding to buyer concerns.
  • The property owner uses agents' video links to advertise their property on social media platforms.


  • It was getting difficult for the owner to answer the number of buyers manually.
  • Curious clients also faced difficulties contacting the right person to consult the property details.
  • Due to improper communication between the owner and the client, buyers started looking for other apps/agencies.
  • The offline process was lengthy and time-consuming.


  • A SaaS-based white-label platform built the communication between the buyer and the agents through a video calling facility.
  • Buyers who are interested instantly call the dealers.
  • The SaaS-based application generates a unique link that builds a bridge between the buyer and the agent through a video call.
  • All property-related details get gathered in a few initial calls. Also, the buyers were able to make quick buying decisions.



Accurate and user friendly
The SaaS-based application helps buyers connect with agents through video assistance, a user-friendly and accurate approach.

The portal enables live chat and assistance.

Improves Efficiency:
Video conferencing is a more efficient use of everyone's time since it allows for appropriate communication through video call and screen sharing, real-time collaboration, and the ability to join from nearly anywhere.

Improves Communication

According to Forbes, "humans process visual information quicker than text or audio." 62% of executives believe that video conferencing improves the quality of communication.


Helps Build Relationships

When you meet someone face to face, you may establish a personal connection, pick up on verbal or nonverbal signs, and start building trust.


Saves Money

Video conferencing provides a collaborative, "in-person" experience without the cost of travel by allowing the agent and the buyer to meet face-to-face straightforwardly.


Saves Time

Video conferencing allows you to save time on travel because you can meet almost anywhere. By connecting through video calls, you can avoid the disruption of the flood of texts and calls and lower confusion.


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