Parent Time Calendar

A user-friendly mobile application allows Custodial Parent (CP) and Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) to follow their children's lifestyle.



  • Intelgic wants to support US citizens to track their children's lifestyles to ensure that their child does not face any trouble after the parents are separated.
  • Parents play an essential role in helping their children cope with separation, as it is primarily parents who can mitigate or reverse potentially damaging outcomes.
  • The parent should register and log in to the application with unique credentials.
  • The application to have a screen where parents can provide their kids details like Name, Age, DOB, and additional relevant information.


  • It was getting difficult for isolated parents to supervise their children regularly because of their daily workloads.
  • Another subject for most parents is concentrating on their parenting dreams while dealing with the countless upheavals in their lives that precede and follow divorce.
  • Due to inappropriate communication between the CP and NCP, children face challenges at a younger age.


  • Intelgic's user-friendly mobile application provides a talk facility.
  • The CP and NCP chat with each other and update them about their children's activities.
  • The CP and NCP can also update the expenditures of their kids and split them between the two equally.
  • The mobile application helps disconnected parents manage their children well and achieve parenthood goals.

User friendly

The parent-time mobile app, which is easy to access, helps CP and NCP to retain smooth communication with their kids.

User Benefits

Helps Maintain Healthy Relationships

Optimistic communication, parental warmth, and low levels of conflict may help juveniles cope with the parent's separation. It is proven that kids with a healthy parent-child connection do better academically and have higher self-esteem.


Help Children
Feel Safe

Anxiety gets worsened by fears of abandonment and concerns about the future. Helping your child feel loved, safe, and secure, on the other hand, can lessen both clinginess and the risk of mental health issues.


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