Online Classes For Underprivileged Students

Every revolution starts with a problem that needs to be addressed. Join us as we explain how our apps are redefining traditional education by providing intelligent, interactive, and individualized learning experiences.



  • One of the non-profit organizations likes to help needy students in Africa, so as to give them teachings on community and further concerns via an online application.
  • Due to a lack of resources such as reading materials, uniforms, and adequate nourishment, underprivileged kids may not be enlightened.
  • A major challenge for instructors is to assist students to understand concepts and apply that knowledge to wisdom.
  • A teacher's opposing attitude results in unsatisfactory grade teaching. The pessimistic attitude toward students can be restrained by incorporating technology in the curriculum to increase students' motivation to learn and improve their grades and talents.


  • Africa is the second-largest and second-most populous country in the world. But, only one-third of them are literate.
  • There are multiple issues facing the nation, including the rapidly growing population, shortages of teachers, books, and basic school facilities, and a lack of public funding for education.
  • Africa is second among the top ten countries with the most out-of-school children in elementary school.
  • Furthermore, the number of children that drop out of school is extremely high. Poverty is one of the key reasons behind this.
  • About six out of ten school-aged minors in Africa do not have access to the internet at home, compared to roughly three-quarters of children in other countries.


  • White label native mobile application that allows non-profit organizations to upload their courses.
  • Each student needs to register with a mobile application that is accessible freely.
  • It allows students to browse unlimited courses and download them as chapters/units.
  • More students have enlisted for the online learning application.
  • With students, more associations are showing interest and are uploading many courses.
  • The program assists underprivileged students in getting an education on societal matters.
  • Kids are turning out responsible and smart with this learning experience.

User Benefits

Needy kids are now getting free education.


We used architecture with very low latency which allowed students to download/view the courses even with low network connection/ low bandwidth.


Teachers can also upload their courses, and make groups for student discussions.


Students' queries get answered live which motivates them to proceed with further lectures.


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