Inter and Intra state League finder App

It's an online app for sports lovers that helps them register and gets notified to register for any league or sports events (both indoor and outdoor) happening within their state.



  • Game organization company wants to launch an application where users can join different leagues within their state.
  • Suppose the application includes the National Cricket League in ABC state,
    • Then, the NCL has many teams,
    • Each team has a name, a city, a coach, a captain, and a set of players.
    • Each player gets a name, a position, and a skill level.
    • A team captain is also a player, the game between two teams is referred to as host_team and guest_team.
    • It is played on a pre-scheduled date such as Feb 05th, 2022, mentioning a score like 45 runs to 6 over.


  • Before the app launch, there was no single platform for users to find their choice of sports.
  • It was difficult to fetch state-wise league details.
  • There was an entry policy with loads of terms and conditions.
  • There was limited transparency and no assurance that the player's data was safe.
  • Children were unable to participate in different games.


  • Mobile applications and web applications are made available.
  • The web application is accessible by an admin who can create and upload leagues.
  • Mobile applications help users/players/sports enthusiasts to join multiple games.
  • Following are the conclusion of the matches, the player's rank will be determined based on the points earned by your team.
  • According to the league reward list chart, players get rewarded with prize money.
  • Parents can register their kids and enjoy online gaming.
  • There is also a registration button for a professional coach in the application.
  • The coach can also set up the team and train the team.
  • A coach can even schedule leagues.
  • Users can make minimum required payments through online payment applications.
  • Notifications of all upcoming games to the participants via messages.
  • Initially, it commenced with one city, then to multiple cities.
  • More innovative games get added to the application.
  • Also, one-on-one indoor games earned popularity.
  • The competition between the participants has also boosted.
  • Winners are awarded cash prizes and get recognition within their city/state through the app.


The users know when and where games are happening


The number of participants is drastically increased with all real-time details available online


The time came for hidden talents to emerge


Negligible sports are also getting popular through online applications


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