Detects Abandoned bags using AI

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From airports to retail stores, we've got your security needs covered with Vision AEye’s abandoned bag detection solution

Vision AEye’s advanced AI algorithms can identify and alert authorities about unattended items like bags in specific areas. Our solution is particularly crucial in sensitive locations like airports, train stations, bus stops, and public gatherings, where an abandoned bag could pose a significant security threat. In retail and warehouse settings, it helps maintain order, prevent hazards, and optimize space.

The Vision AEye Advantage

Vision AEyes, our no code platform provides a host of benefits that that make it the preferred choice for abandoned bag detection:

Automated monitoring:

No need to look at the camera feed all the time. Let AI do this for you. Act when an incident is detected.

Reducing false alerts:

Alerts come through our app along with a video clip. Security personnel can quickly see the video and then take action.

Alerts on mobile:

Get alerts on your mobile with video clips.

Use your existing surveillance cameras:

Use your already existing cameras to integrate with Vision AEye.

Connect unlimited cameras:

You can integrate Vision AEye with any number of cameras

On-premises solution with cloud based reporting:

Our platform operates on-premises, providing real-time incident detection with video clips, while seamlessly generating and storing reports on the cloud for your convenience.

Faster investigation:

No need to sit hours for searching recorded videos to find the events. AI separates that automatically for you.

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