Keep your establishment safe and secure with AI surveillance.

  • Gun and weapon detection
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Car and other object tracking and counting
  • Suspicious activity detection
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Make your existing surveillance cameras smarter with AI

Detect suspicious activities, security threats and other events automatically using AI.

The AI system takes video footage captured by existing surveillance cameras and forwards it to an AI model, specifically a neural network, designed to identify various types of suspicious activities, security threats, and other specific events as per your requirements. Ultimately, the system generates alerts for each event that it detects.

Get alert even before it happens.

AI can monitor every seconds which is practically impossible for humans

Traditional control rooms are typically equipped with numerous surveillance screens, making it virtually impossible for an individual to continuously monitor each screen at all times. However, with the help of AI, it becomes feasible to monitor all the cameras simultaneously and promptly generate alerts for humans to respond swiftly.
Moreover, the AI system provides visual representations of the detected events, enabling operators to have a clear view of the incidents.

Detect everything that a human eye can detect

We develop algorithms tailored for detecting customized events and activities. To train our AI model, we require video footage from your surveillance system. Our AI solution is designed to detect a wide range of events and activities, essentially mirroring human capabilities. It can effectively identify and analyze nearly everything that humans are capable of detecting.

It’s algorithm not just the AI classification

Conventional AI models generally provide straightforward image classifications. In our case, we go beyond the initial AI output and develop algorithms that build upon it to detect specific events. By augmenting the initial AI classifications, we significantly enhance the system's ability to accurately and precisely identify and recognize desired events or activities.

Get alerts in mobile devices

Our AI system is capable of sending alerts to the mobile devices of security personnel in a specific area whenever an event is detected. The alert can be in the form of a phone call, text message, or notification on a mobile app.

Use cases

Driver activity detection

Our AI system is capable of detecting various driver activities with remarkable accuracy, including micro-sleeps, drowsiness, yawning, looking outside, eating, smoking, drinking, and talking on phones, among others. It swiftly generates alerts in nearly real-time, enabling prompt action from your control room.

Shopping mall monitoring

Get alert for all kinds of suspicious activity automatically within a shopping center in your control room and promptly take action even before it occurs to ensure the safety and security of the premise

Airport monitoring

Airports are busy, large, and crowded areas, making it challenging to constantly monitor every corner. AI has the full capability to take on tedious monitoring tasks and generate alerts for suspicious events.

Bus Stop, Railway station monitoring

Bus stops, railway stations, and other public places can be monitored using AI, enabling alerts to be sent to the mobile devices of nearby security personnel and control rooms.

Other places that the system is capable of monitoring


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