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Mobility is about operating a business while on the move. It’s about enjoying the flexibility which allows one to perform business relevant activities with anyone at any time. At present, it is becoming mandatory for businesses to integrate mobile into their conventional workplaces and manage the newly created mobile environment aptly in a secured manner. Intelgic assists businesses to set their mobile strategies, redefine their engagement with customers and seamlessly integrate mobile with their current systems by catering their mobile-centric services. Get proven B2B, B2E, or B2C enterprise mobility solutions, to comply with any type of corporate system.

We specialize in hybrid mobile application development with technologies like JavaScript, CSS, Ionic, Objective C, Swift, HTML5, and others. We often develop hybrid apps using React Native programming language. The front-end of mobile application fetches data from the back-end via different APIs. We create and manage the back-end services for the applications we develop and maintain the database using MySQL. We also maintain back-end services in Cloud Based Servers like AWS.

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Conferencing and Messaging Application

To implement collaborative messaging between employees, intra-company messaging applications are required. These apps allow employees to communicate with each other seamlessly and remotely. It can be a way to transmit instructions and allocate work to your employees.Virtual conferencing apps are in great demand, more so after the Pandemic, which forced many summits to get virtual. We build virtual conference apps in which attendees get easy access to Meeting Agenda, Speaker Profile, Meeting materials, Attendee list, personalized calendar, comments and feedback sections, exhibitor and sponsor categories, social media integration, etc. Attending live demos and actively participating with in-build chat window, networking channels and downloading recorded versions of demos is made easy through the apps.


Mobile Applications for Human Resource

HR Managers can effectively manage even large number of employee issues and plan recruitment on a large scale using well implemented mobile based application. These applications make remote management a reality and a collaborative and prudent mechanism. Employee onboarding, appraisal management, leave / time-off / attendance tracking, automated salary management, compliance tracker, recruitment management and so many other things can be made easy by the mobile applications developed by us.


Enterprise Inventory Management Applications

Asset management and inventory tracking can be easily done throughintegrated mobile app developed by us. Using our app adding assets, discarding unused assets, tracking -usage, allocation, release, etc. are made easy. Maintenance and ticketing of defects in assets can be tracked through the app. Scheduled maintenance of assets is made easy using inbuilt reminders. Scanning of Bar Codes / QR Codes / RFID Tags is made possible using mobile cameras with underlying image processing technology of the app.


Travel and Tour Planner Applications

Employees working remotely can use travel app customized for their organization and manage their business trips hassle free. We develop apps which can plan a trip from ticket booking to accommodation. It comes integrated with Apple or Google maps. Getting notified of deals and discounts and submitting reviews and feedbacks are possible using one integrated app. These apps can be integrated with Language Translators to assist travelers during their trip. Voice search for locating places in an unknown country can be made easy with the travel apps developed by us.


Customer Relationship Management Apps

We specialize in building CRM or Customer Relationship Management Apps specific to the requirements of a company. These types of apps help employees to manage customer calls, emails, issues etc. Sales employees can effectively manage their relationship with the customers, schedule meetings and take care of queries even from outside their office. This leads to better and quicker assistance and grievance redressal. Real-time access to customer data helps the team in strategizing better response. These apps can be integrated with price catalogues and Quotation Generation system.


Appointment Scheduling Application

We develop secure and flexible appointment schedulers for medical practitioners, lawyers, and other professionals. A training school offering one-to-one sessions should have a different booking arrangement than a community level health workshop that provides training on a massive scale. The apps come with integrated calendar showing available slots of the professionals and enables online payment using integrated payment gateway. The apps come with multiple interfaces for providing access points to different types of users.

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