Automate everything that doesn't need your attention

40% to 50% cost savings

Automate accounting tasks with Robotic Process Automation and Save in thousands

30% - 50% less workers

Scale your business without expanding your team. Bots do not take leaves or vacations

40% increase in productivity

Conclude tasks faster than ever and boost your client satisfaction by reducing turnaround time.

100% accuracy

No human errors; no more shortage of skilled workers; no more burnout with longer working hours

What a bot can handle

All kinds of repetitive and manual tasks

A bot can execute all types of accounting chores that humans do regularly. Bots simply imitate human operations and function exactly like a human on a desktop PC/machine/box or in the cloud.

  •   Opening emails and attachments
  •   Read and capture transactional data from bank and credit card statements
  •   Key in transactional data into accounting software; both online and desktop system; Fill in forms
  •   Mouse click, search, read and write data in any application
  •   Making calculations
  •   Follow business rules and perform tasks
  •   Rule-based decision making
  •   Read, write and perform all types of spreadsheet operations
  •   Send, read & reply emails; Monitor inbox for new messages
  •   Connect multiple software and exchange data
  •   Copy and paste data, the way a human does
  •   Work with any accounting system such as QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks Online, Zoho, Netsuite, Easy Acc, Zero, Saga, Infor visual, SAP, etc.
  •   Logging and working in any software application; both desktop and online.
  •   Read and write into any database
  •   Connecting other systems through API
  •   Read contacts, tax documents, etc., and capture data

Account Reconciliation Bot

Account Reconciliation is the most tedious and time-consuming task for any accounting firm. Survey says that more than 90% of the time gets consumed only for the transactions that are already matched and valid.

Bank reconciliation

  • Bot source bank statements either from email or from a folder
  • The bot reads PDFs, spreadsheets, etc., and captures all transactional data.
  • Bot key in transactional data into your accounting software.
  • Categorize all transactions based on the history
  • Reconcile transactions
  • Flag exceptions

Credit Card reconciliations

  • Source Credit card transactions from Credit card portal or email or a folder
  • Capture transactions from credit card statements such as PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Key in transactions into your accounting system
  • Categorize and reconcile
  • Flag exceptions

External processors

  • Read and capture transactions sent by Amazon, Shopify, App stores, or any aggregator
  • Bot categorizes and reconciles each transaction
  • Flag exceptions

Business rules and Calculations

  • The bot can be trained with your specific business rules/logic
  • Bot performs the calculations that you do manually
  • Bot work with any desktop or online accounting software that you use
  • Bot communicates with you or your clients through email

How accounting bots work

Handle hundreds of clients without extending your accounting crew

Accounting bots mock human activities and work exactly the way a human performs any tasks on accounting software, spreadsheets, email, etc. Bots or Digital Workers make humans free from all redundant and mundane tasks where the human brain is not needed.

The accounting software that our bots can work with

Our accounting bots can work with all types of accounting software; both desktop and online systems.
Our bot is capable of working with any accounting software within your digital local environment or in the cloud. All of your client data are safe and secured and stay with you, within your network.

Single bot for all your clients

As a CPA firm, you have many clients and sometimes the number goes beyond a few hundred. Our solution is designed smartly for CPA firms. You do not need a separate bot for each client. If you are following the same or almost the same process for all of your clients, only one bot can handle hundreds of your clients.

The benefit of Accounting bot enabled CPA firms

Make your CPA firm smarter than ever with AI bots within a few weeks

  • Automate about 80% to 90% of manual tasks
  • Save 40% to 60% of cost annually
  • No more burnout with long working hours. Save huge amounts of time for everyone
  • Get 100% accuracy. No human errors
  • Work faster than ever. Happy customers with increased turnaround time
  • No more shortage of skilled workers
  • Increase productivity and scale business without extra costs

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