AI Bot feeds the key Invoice data into your ERP - No manual data entry

AI Bot matches invoices with P.O, receipts, contracts, etc.

GL coding and Approval process automation

ERP/accounting system integration

End-to-End AP automation

with Robotic Process Automation, AI, and OCR

Intelgic’s AP automation software is a fully integrated AP solution that combines invoice processing AI, OCR, RPA, GL coding, complex approval process, exception handling, 3-way matching, communication, and activity log all in one place, allowing the AP team to have full control and visibility over spending.

Source Invoice

RPA bot can source all of your invoices from email, folders, or other external sources automatically without manual intervention.


Our powerful AI and OCR algorithm parse and capture invoice data with 98% accuracy and save at least 80% of manual data entry time.


Your AP team can validate the captured data with the original invoice through a dashboard.


RPA bot communicates with your ERP automatically to match invoices with P.O, Receipt, etc. Our system handles all the exceptions with your business rules and gives you ultimate control over the AP processing.


Our AP system is capable of handling complex approval processes, part payments, etc. within the system.


Intelgic’s AP automation system will be integrated with your ERP or accounting system. Our solution can be combined with any system including Desktop or Cloud ERP solutions.


AP Pain points

  • Accounts Payable departments are among the most burdened, as too much time is spent on manual tasks.
  • Manual processes and time spent on processing invoices, writing, mailing, collecting, and reconciling checks have a monetary cost as well.
  • Manual processes are more open to human error and mistakes.
  • Stacks of paper invoices and checks represent an exposure of fraud and misplaced documents.
  • Moving back and forth between multiple systems such as Excel, ERPs, Banking systems, Internal systems.

Automated AP KPIs - Choose KPIs & metrics wisely. A few suggestions for you-

  • On-time payment rate
  • Reallocation of FTEs
  • Vendor master data accuracy
  • Staff satisfaction level
  • Supplier user experience

Highly Customizable

As a unique business, you may have your own exclusive business rules in your AP process. Talk to our experts and get a fully customized AP solution based on your requirements and business rules.

Launch in a few weeks

We have a ready solution that can be integrated with your ERP and launched within a few weeks with minimum customization. Vast experience and strong domain knowledge make us the most efficient AP solution provider in the USA.

Work with Desktop ERP or accounting systems such as Infor Visual

Our AP automation solution can easily be integrated with any ERP or accounting software that you are using. Even if your system doesn't support API or it is a desktop solution that you are using, our AP automation software can easily be integrated and work seamlessly as an integrated system.

Don’t need the entire solution? Get what you need

If your AP process is partially automated with your existing ERP or accounting system, but the OCR and AI don't work with accuracy, get the invoice processing AI solution from Intelgic and integrate it with your existing system. Talk to our expert and let us discover your AP process.

It’s highly secured and robust

We understand information security and data privacy. Our solution is highly secured and all data remains with you within your environment.

Run either on cloud or within your network

Intelgic’s AP solution is smart and flexible. You can run it either within your network or in a cloud. The choice is yours and implementation responsibility is ours.

Success Stories



The amount of time it takes to implement an AP automation solution will depend upon several factors, such as the business processes that are being automated, the number of systems that will be integrated, etc. Setting a timeline for implementation will help you establish a timeframe and stay on track.

AP automation can be beneficial to businesses of all sizes. However, the larger the business and the more invoices that are received every month, the higher the savings are likely to be, in terms of both time and money.

Automating accounts payable and enabling electronic payments with the right platform has a low entry point, high returns, and a quick turnaround.

AP automation solutions are not a replacement for an ERP. AP automation solutions digitize and simplify the invoice processes that feed an ERP. By automating invoice receipt, approval, and posting with an AP automation solution, information can be delivered to an ERP more quickly and accurately. And tightly integrating an AP automation solution with a legacy ERP eliminates the need to re-key data into the ERP, while providing 360-degree visibility into transactions and suppliers.

Manual data entry is laden with human error mistakes and details are often overlooked. Automated OCR solutions ensure up to 98% data accuracy, are precise, and do not misinterpret or miss details.

It is critical as each company has its approvers hierarchy, invoice categories, auto-approval rules, approval procedures, business logic, etc. Your AP vendor should provide approval routing based on many classifications, e.g. by vendor, invoice category, and other invoice attributes (such as business unit, project, site, and geography).

When choosing an automatic solution, make sure the AP software automatically checks invoices for duplicates and matches them against the related purchase order and information stored in the system. Best-in-class AP software checks the correct entry of invoice data programmatically so that AP staff only gets involved in invoice validation and approval.

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