What is surveillance camera analysis


Surveillance camera analysis, also known as video analytics or video surveillance analytics, is a way to monitor, analyze, and detect various events such as vandalism, fire, fighting etc. in real-time from video streams captured by surveillance cameras using AI and machine learning techniques. The ultimate goal is to generate alerts on various events to the concerned people so that they can take appropriate action on occasion of various situations. 

The objective of surveillance camera analysis is to automate the process of monitoring large amounts of video data that would be impractical for human operators to review manually. By utilizing advanced algorithms and AI models, these systems can automatically interpret the video content and provide useful insights and alerts based on predefined criteria.

What can be detected using surveillance camera analytics AI techniques 

With advanced AI technology and  foolproof algorithms, it is possible to detect almost everything that a human eye can detect. Few examples are given below:

Fire detection: Traditional fire detection systems use smoke and heat sensors that sometimes do not work properly. Also, on most occasions, the fire is detected only after considerable damage has been done. AI has solved this problem. If a camera can capture a small sign of fire, AI will be able to detect it and generate an alert, the way before it goes beyond the control. 

Vandalism: Traditional security cameras only record videos and keep them silently however it does not alert concerned authorities for serious security threats such as vandalism. AI can easily detect unnatural movements and activities such as breaking things, hitting with heavy materials etc. and generate alerts in real time. This helps small to large establishments to keep an eye on property such as shops. 

Robbery:  Robbery is a big concern and most cases it happens at night when no one is around. AI can detect unusual activities such as breaking glasses, quickly collecting products into a bag etc. 

Crowd rushing: If anything scary happens in a public place, the crowd in that location always try to flee from that place and people run indiscriminately in different directions or to a specific direction. With high resolution security cameras and AI based algorithms, we can detect these activities and send alerts to security personnel on a real time basis. This will allow security personnel to act quickly and address the situation before it goes beyond their control. 

Surveillance camera analysis can be a powerful tool for enhancing security and efficiency and most importantly the AI algorithm can work on the existing camera systems to generate alerts.  The AI systems are valuable tools in various industries, including public safety and security, retail, transportation, and industrial settings. In the next few years, AI will change the way security system works today.

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