What is Doc Dog?


Doc Dog is a Document AI platform for extracting relevant data from scanned documents and PDFs. The platform is integrated with pre-trained AI models that capture data from invoices and receipts. The platform can easily be integrated with external systems through API and Webhooks.

Doc Dog features

Doc Dog comes with a robust feature set that is needed for processing documents; and Intelgic is adding new features and enhancing the platform’s capabilities on a regular basis. 

Extracting relevant data from PDFs and scanned documents is just the core capabilities of the platform. Intelgic’s focus is to facilitate the automation experts and developers to fully automate document intensive workflows. The platform is designed for easy integration with existing software systems through API and webhooks.  

Document sourcing

Documents may come from everywhere such as email, scanned copy, downloaded from other websites or applications etc. The sourcing of documents is important for end-to-end automation. In the Doc Dog platform, you can add multiple email IDs from where the platform will pick up attachments and pass them to the AI model. Doc Dog also provides an API that can be used to send documents to the AI model on a real time basis. 

Data extraction 

This is the core of the platform. Doc Dog has pre-trained AI models that can efficiently and accurately capture data from invoices and receipts. Doc Dog is also coming up with a document annotation (data labeling) and model training facilities within the platform that can be used by the citizen developers to train and process documents other than invoices and receipts. Train your document class on the fly and start receiving extracted data via Webhook. However, until the new feature comes in, if you have any different document class that needs to be processed, please connect with an expert in Intelgic at [email protected].  

Review and validation

Doc Dog shows the captured data along with the original document side by side on a single screen. This helps users to review and validate the captured data. If any data is not captured or wrongly captured (specially when the AI is parsing handwritten documents), one can edit the extracted data and save them. Users also can approve the document or raise a flag in case of any functional/business issue arises related to the document. If the user approves the document after validation, the extracted data will be available through the Webhook. 

API and Webhook

Doc Dog is designed to make it user and developer friendly. It provides API along with the API documentation that can be used to send documents to AI models. The platform also comes with the Webhook where extracted would be available after the data validation and approval. 

What is the technology behind it?

Doc Dog uses Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) or Document AI technology which is a combination of OCR and AI with advanced machine learning algorithms. The technology not only extracts every word from the document but also it understands the meaning of those words and relations between words etc. It understands the content and layout of the document that it processes. 

Overall Doc Dog is a complete platform PDF, images and scanned document processing with integration facility to automate document intensive workflows such as invoices process in accounts payable or receipts processing in accounting etc. Say goodbye to the manual data entry and start processing documents with AI.

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