Create Smart bots with AWS Lex and AWS Kendra


Conversations with customer support representatives usually focus around one or more subjects and include relevant queries. It is critical to answer these questions fluently in order to have a productive conversation.

So, you can use AWS Lex to create a clever chatbot and integrate it with AWS Kendra.

“AWS Kendra is a corporate search engine that is both accurate and simple to use”.


AWS Lex is an AWS chatbot service that allows you to create speech and text-based conversational interfaces for your apps. It allows you to integrate powerful natural language chatbots into your new and current apps.

Why AWS Kendra

  • AWS Kendra is a document indexing and search interface provided by AWS.
  • AWS Kendra can be used to construct an updatable index of documents of various forms, such as plain text, HTML files, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, and PDF files.
  • Kendra offers a search API that may be used by a range of client applications, including websites and mobile apps.
  • For all unstructured data clients stored in AWS, AWS Kendra delivers ML-powered search capabilities.
  • Kendra provides native connectors to AWS repository types like S3 and RDS databases that are simple to use.(verify whether it can be used with RDS)
  • Other AI services like Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend Medical can be used to pre-process documents, generate searchable text, extract entities, and enrich the information.

What are the benefits of using AWS Kendra

  • AWS Kendra is a machine-learning-powered enterprise search engine that is highly accurate and simple to use.
  • It provides a more natural approach to search using natural language and yields more accurate results.

Integrate AWS Kendra with AWS Lex

  • When deciding on a product or service, we frequently have questions.
  • Quick and accurate responses will make customer satisfaction.
  • But this kind of repetitive task is well suited for automation so that the support staff can focus on resolving problems.
  • The AWS kendra provides you with the natural language questions to get the answers you are looking for.
  • Whether it may be an FAQ, an answer, a link from the document.
  • The AWS kendra extracts specific answers from the unstructured data.
  • To construct a search index, you can use the Aws Kendra console or APIs to index your FAQs and documents.
  • you need to write and maintain integration code, and any updates to the
  • AWS Kendra searches the index for the most relevant answer to a search query and returns it.
  • AWS provides an inbuilt integration for Kendra into the Lex instance with the help of which we can directly query Kendra from our Lex chatbot.


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