Cognitive Intelligence

Bringing Machine Intelligence in the World of Business

Cognitive Intelligence is a revolution that is set to transform the conventional ways of doing business. It is going to change the dynamics of communication, market analysis and administration tasks. Cognitive intelligence is the future and businesses, small and big, are gearing towards adapting the technology of tomorrow.

Cognitive Technology: What is it all about?

Cognitive Intelligence is the name given to sprinkling human reasoning and intelligence to technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. The algorithms of cognitive intelligence actually learn like humans do. They understand, reason and learn.

Huge amounts of data are used for prediction which brings the error rate down. Cognitive intelligence leverages Bots to see, speak, hear and understand user and its need. AI, machine learning, natural language processing comes together to build a technological ecosystem.

Cognitive Intelligence Across Businesses

Industries of varied domains are leveraging cognitive intelligence to increase productivity at workplace and augment efficiency in their services.

Medical Industry is making use of the technology to make use of the vast amount of data and improve healthcare of millions of people. It not only helps in upgrading the quality of treatment but also takes burden off the shoulders of healthcare workers so that they can concentrate better on their work

Other industries include that of manufacturing, education, retail and others. But one interesting use case of Cognitive Intelligence is seen in cars. Technology is making your cars smarter by helping in Navigation on roads and identification of dangerous objects to name a few.

Other than popular use cases, cognitive intelligence is making it name in almost all domains. Be it the finance market, emerging ed-tech space or IT sector, Cognitive intelligence is slowly but steadily making its mark.

If you have a products to sell or services to render, make sure Cognitive Intelligence is helping you in climbing the ladder.


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