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A Revolution Toward Paperless and automated invoice processing

A single invoice can easily cost more than $10 to complete. Moreover, processing the same invoice can take up to 9 days. You will need an automated invoice processing system that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to reduce costs, shorten processing times, and provide actionable workflow insights.

Intelgic offers an invoice processing solutionto save time and money. With automated invoice processing, you can control the rising costs of invoice processing.

I wonder, why would you not do below five things to save time, cost, and substantially improve your company operations?

An automated invoice processing solution that manages your most significant concerns

F&A teams usually have to deal with a large volume of supplier invoices every month. Monthly closure requirements and the fact that most suppliers usually send invoices end/beginning of the month raise the workload of your F&A teams and make invoice processing an excellent candidate for RPA.

A business that uses automated invoice processing performs remarkably better than those that do not. Paper invoices take more time and cost more to create due to laborious data entry and excessive exception handling.

Intelgic Invoice Processing Solution

  • Opens the SAP
  • Executes the right transactions
  • Checks if all the information on the invoice matches your internal purchase orders.
  • Log-ins to the ERP system
  • Checks if the corresponding goods receipt note (GRN) matches the Purchase Order plus the invoice.

Intelgic invoice processing solution helps automate end-to-end operations by capturing, classifying, and extracting data from any document type.

What makes Intelgic tools your finest choice?

  • Options for cloud, hybrid, and on-premise deployment
  • Capabilities for a multi-language, script, and excel extraction
  • The strength of AI and OCR collective
  • APIs and connections abound in this open systems design
  • RPA, ERP, BPM, and ECM connections that work seamlessly
  • RPA bot accesses the invoice data from the vendor management systems and effectively validates the actual invoice

How Does the invoice automation solution work?

Change your Method to automated invoice processing

  • Intelgic helps you cut the cost of invoicing by 70%, minimize invoice processing mistakes by 95%, and increase straight-through processing by 100% with a 95 % reduction in turnaround time and 95% reduction in manual efforts by automated invoice processing and related workflows.
  • Our invoice processing solution, which includes a built-in analytics engine, enables an end-to-end view of the entire invoice process as well as detailed insights into your financial data.

Managing automated invoice processing in many Applications

Digitization of records in the government

Government organizations encumbered by paper document archives and desire to contemporize. Intelgic breakthrough capture and extraction technology can help you change any document-intensive process.

  • Processing is ten times faster
  • Data is secure and encrypted
  • Complies with regulatory and the data security requirements

Automation of the digital mailroom

Automate your mailroom and route incoming data as soon as it arrives at your company. Process invoices, claims, new accounts, contracts, and orders, and route the retrieved data to the appropriate workflow.

  • Digital processing of paper and digital materials at high speeds
  • Elimination of time-consuming, manual tasks
  • Customers who use mailroom automation are satisfied.

Accounts payable

The AP Automation solution from Intelgic uses AI and OCR to automatically capture and extract data from invoices within a few seconds. Accounts payable; accounts receivable, and remittance processing can be automated.

  • An invoice takes 31 seconds to process.
  • Each day, 600 percent more invoices are processed.
  • ERP and Procure-to-Pay connections are seamless

Onboarding of customers and employees

All documents and data required for application validation, client onboarding, and employee onboarding are captured and processed by the Intelgic bot. Using powerful AI, our platform intelligently classifies, gathers, and extracts data to complete the onboarding process.

  • Enhance consumer and employee satisfaction
  • Fast and seamless document classification and data extraction

Extraction of identity

Allows your clients/prospects to submit their government-issued ID cards from any location in digital formats.

  • Over 2,000 driver's licenses and passports have been pre-trained
  • Eliminates the manual data entry of personal data
  • Accepts photos from mobile phones and tablets

Claims processing

Increase accuracy, response times, and customer happiness by processing claims, and underwriting paperwork more quickly.

  • Document capture and data extraction are fully automated.
  • Reduce the time it takes to process claims from months to days.
  • Increase response times and customer satisfaction by a significant amount.

Extraction of handwriting

Extract text from handwritten and cursive writing in your documents in seconds.

  • Data extraction aided by AI
  • The highest level of accuracy available on the market
  • Capture signatures and checkboxes.

Processing of loans

Automate mortgage service and processing to respond rapidly to volume swings and labor concerns. Intelgic improves the client experience and achieves zero-defect loans by speeding up mortgage processing and underwriting.

  • Sort and extract data from all loan document kinds automatically.
  • Train the system quickly with only 1-2 high-quality document samples.
  • Integration with your Loan Origination System is simple (LOS)

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